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Is the Bad Boy Intense the best prostate massager of 2017?

The Rocks Off company has long been a leader in male prostate pleasure devices, with a wide range of amazing powered anal toys giving men their first experience of multiple climaxes, hands-free orgasms and some of the most incredible "O moments" they never expected.

Their Bad Boy, Cheeky Boy and Wild Boy toys have consistently impressed guys around the world, but they've stepped up their game again with the release of the new Bad Boy Intense.

A little larger, while still being modest enough for the beginner to handle, the Intense also has a 10-speed vibrating bullet to go with its new shape. Just like all the other prostate massagers in their range it has a smooth and silky outer shell made from high-quality silicone, making it extremely durable and very comfortable in use.

As you insert the arm of the Bad Boy Intense the curved design hugs the body, resulting in internal contact with the prostate and external contact with the perineum. Both are massaged in concert by the adjustable vibrating bullet sending shivers through the Bad Boy and expertly focusing on the appropriate areas.

Why would a guy enjoy this? Quite simply it's because prostate pleasure, with a little experience, can lead to incredible climaxes. Experienced men can generate waves of pleasure with multiple orgasms thanks to a toy like the Bad Boy, before they finally allow themselves full release.

When complete climax does arrive it's often far more powerful and pleasurable than any climax experienced before, with an ejaculation to match. In our estimation, the Rocks Off Bad Boy Intense is one of the best prostate massagers money can buy, and one of the leading products from the company.

We fully expect this product to be one of the most popular toys of 2017, likely resulting in thousands more men experiencing anal pleasure and extreme prostate climaxes for the first time.

Will you be one of them?

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