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The new TENGA FLEX Masturbators with incredible features

When we hear that the award-winning TENGA company has a new product on the way we sit up and pay attention. Believe me when I say that this company is leading the way in the design and development of some of the best masturbators on the planet. If you haven't seen their amazing toys yet then you should click through and see what we have.

When we heard about the new TENGA FLEX masturbators we had to go and check them out for ourselves, and what we found was pretty damn amazing.

The TENGA Flex masturbators come in Silky White and Rocky Black

While we're waiting for these toys to be rolled out around the world, we couldn't waste the opportunity to get in there and start telling you about them. We already know that the moment they arrive here you guys are going to be snapping them up. That's going to be especially true when we offer a discount on them for the first week! Make sure you've created an account and joined the newsletter to be kept informed when that happens.

Much like the wildly successful new TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators, the Flex toys maintain the incredible sucking sensation delivered by the internal design built into the walls of the sleeve. Both the Rocky Black and Silky White have their own textured tunnel, but both keep the feature of the sucking pleasure the company is now quite famous for.

Each Tenga Flex masturbator comes with a different texture within

The textures inside and the sucking pleasure they're capable of aren't the only things about this new toy that really grabbed us by the balls and wouldn't let go - but in a nice way.

One of the most interesting things about this new masturbator is the apparent ability it has to almost automatically slide down your cock when you let go of it. We've seen this in action but haven't had the chance to test this out for ourselves yet. From what we gather, the vacuum created within the toy tugs along your shaft, and when you let got at the top of your erection it spirals and twists back down your shaft!

Yeah, we're looking forward to seeing and feeling this for ourselves too.

The TENGA Flex masturbators slide down your cock on their own

That's not the only thing we love about this toy.

The outer housing of the TENGA Flex masturbators is soft and squishy, allowing you to apply pressure at different points to change the sensation you experience inside the sleeve. This is by no means the first toy to offer that, but things have moved on quite a way since the first jelly sleeves and we can't wait to see how this one operates. You might know TENGA is famous for their use of external pressure adapting the pleasure within their toys, so this should be a great feature of the new range.

You might have also noticed from the images that when the protective cap is removed it slides a "beam" out of the center of the sleeve. We were curious about this too, but it has a great use. When you invert the soft cap you've just removed that "beam" becomes a stand, allowing you to slip your newly-cleaned sleeve over it to dry.

The cap and arm of the removed lid of the Tenga Flex becomes a stand for drying the masturbator

It might seem simple, but this is one of the things that sets the TENGA company apart from almost all others. They're really thought about the design of their product.

Everything about this masturbator looks great. The textures look amazing, the known features of the toy are both functional and designed to give you the most pleasure, and it just looks damn cool!

We've long been impressed by the TENGA toys since they finally ditched the one-use cups and started giving us toys we can use again and again, and since then they've really proven themselves more than capable of moving toys on and delivering some amazing designs that have us cumming again and again.

We're really looking forward to getting these two brand new sex toys in stock, and we get the feeling you guys are eager too.


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