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Tenga Puffy Mint Green Masturbator Review

Is it just a gimmick?

A lot of sex toy companies use gimmicks to try to get attention and sell their products. Sometimes the features a company brags about and highlights are either inconsequential to the experience or just don't do as claimed.

That's not true of Tenga.

This is one of the leading sex toy brands in the world, and since their conception they've risen to the top, even surpassing the globally famed Fleshlight brand. This is no doubt thanks to their innovation and style. They don't simply produce another ten variations on a toy every year before abandoning them for something new. They spend a lot of time developing a new concept that's as thorough and intriguing as the sensations you feel when you experience them.

Yes, the new Tenga Puffy Mint Green Masturbator is so named because the outer housing is a squishy can shape that's incredibly soft to the touch, but that's just one aspect that makes this new stroker so good.

There's a reason this product has won the reddot industry award, as several of their other products have previously.

The Design

You already know about the outer casing, so I think we need to move on to what we're really interested in - the amazing tunnel your cock is going to slide into and enjoy.

If you've ever tried a Tenga product you know from experience that this is where they focus most of their attention. While they might make the housing and presentation something to stare at, they dedicate themselves to producing an internal structure that's going to tease and tickle and stroke your manhood in ways you've never experienced from any other product.

They've done that again with the Tenga Puffy Mint Green Masturbator.

After slipping off the cap and checking out the round opening you can slide inside and enjoy one of the most interesting masturbation experiences you're ever likely to try.

The internal design of this toy is perfect, and I don't use that term often when it comes to masturbators. You'll experience a series of soft ribs, nubs, ticklers and more as you push your way inside. The pattern is so that you could slide out, rotate it a little, slide in and experience a new variation. Couple that with the super soft outer casing and your own grip and you can change things again, applying more pressure or less, to specific spots.

That's not the end of the fun.

The top of the toy also has a screw cap that allows you to adjust the sucking within the tunnel, adding a new level of pleasure as you ease out and slide back in.

My Experience

I feel as though I need to say at least something bad about this masturbator. Or, not necessarily bad, just not perfect. It can't all be unicorn rides and edible rainbows, can it?

The opening to this masturbator is a tight fit. There, I said it.

I don't claim to be hung like a donkey, I don't have a beer can cock, but this hole was still snug for me. My 7 inch uncut length had a great time inside the tunnel, enjoying all the tickling and sensations it can offer, but getting in there took a little more work than I'm used to.

I'm not saying it's uncomfortable, far from it. The opening is stretchy and maybe it just took a little warming up to "break it in" so to speak, but I needed plenty of lube to ease myself inside. I think the super soft material just needs a little work to relax around you. I expect over time this will become a little more loose and easy.

Once inside there, however, I was having one of the best experiences I've ever had with a toy. I thought the Tenga Flip Hole was good, and I loved the Flex, the Spinners and the Orange Orb, but the Tenga Puffy might have just shot to the top position in my ranking system.

The ability to apply pressure and change the sensation was one of the best features and I wasn't expecting that to be the case. The material somehow distributes the pressure in such a way that it really increases the intensity of the tunnel in ways other toys just don't.

You know it's been a good ride if after just ten minutes you're pulling out and blasting off with such abandon that it surprises even you.

Also, the cost is a little high. Let's be honest, not many people can afford the RRP of £145.99. Tenga products have always been priced high and too many guys miss out on some great pleasures because of that.

However, when you consider that this toy is going to last you for years, even if you only use it once a week, that works out at £2.80 per week over a year. I'm willing to bet you'd be enjoying this toy more than once a week for far more than a year!

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely yes. I might be a little biased because I love Tenga so much, but even if I didn't know who made this sexy toy I would still be rating it highly. It is an investment for a lot of men, that's undeniable, but for less than a posh coffee once a week I definitely think it's worth it.

In order to help out with that just a tiny bit, we have a 10% discount on the product for logged-in customers. So, if you're not already signed up, why not take a look? There are other products with lower prices for signed-in customers too, and we're always adding more.

Click here and take a look at the Tenga Puffy for yourself.

Resident Masturbator Jared is an avid toy fan and enjoys checking out new products here at BlokeToys.

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