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Men Using Sex Toys – Things you might not know

1. Women are still the leaders

Yes, it’s shocking, but despite the public perception about men all constantly thinking with their cock, the sex toy industry is heavily driven towards women. For every guy who buys a sex toy, something like ten women are buying one for themselves. That’s a pretty shocking thing considering our media constantly portrays us as being so sexually driven. While we beat them in porn watching, they beat us hands-down in toy buying.

2. 60% of men have owned a sex toy

A few years ago we did a little surveying of men from all over the net as part of a larger sex study, and we found some interesting things. 60% of men have owned at least one masturbator in their lifetime, and a further 40% of men want to own one but feel they can’t because of fear of offending their partner. 64% of men who want to own their own masturbators have a female partner who owns a vibrator. Yes, there is a lot of hypocrisy out there from the ladies when it comes to sex toys!

3. The leading name in mens sex toys is Fleshlight and Fleshjack

This might not be so surprising, but our leading sex toys are still the Fleshlight and Fleshjack masturbators. Men love them, and they bring thousands of visitors to the BlokeToys shop every year, looking for specific toys in the branded line. There are a lot of them to choose from too, and this is only expected to grow in the coming years as the company branches out into new and interesting designs.

4. Men are not looking for a “replacement” for sex

Despite what some naive social commentators and adult business critics might suggest, men are not looking to replace sex when they’re buying their toys. Fake vaginas and anal openings are not that popular with our customers, guys generally look for tunnel toys with texture, because they know that all these different textures can offer different sensations. The dick is a remarkable thing capable of enjoying all kinds of stimulation – stimulation that the vagina is not actually designed to offer. Vaginal and anal sex is entirely different to the sensations most mens sex toys offer, that’s not a bad thing. Toys are not really intended to mimic intercourse, they’re intended to give different pleasures.

5. Most men still don’t know the difference between water based lube and silicone

It’s something we have tried to share a lot of times before, but water based lube and silicone lube are completely different things, best used for their correct activities. We still regularly get questions from customers (and we’re always happy to help) recommending a lube for a toy, and we always give the same information – never use silicone based lube with toys. Silicone toys should not come into contact with any lubricant other than water based, because anything else will damage and degrade the toy over time, and sometimes extremely quickly.

Water based lube – wanking, toy play, sex, massage

Silicone based lube – wanking, sex, massage

Oil based lube – wanking (because they can leave bacteria behind during penetrative sex)

6. More than 60% of heterosexual men have discussed wanking and toys with other men

As part of our larger survey several years ago, we asked self-identifying heterosexual men about their sexual experiences in general, and more than 60% of them admitted that they had discussed masturbation and sex toys with other men in their lives. Coupled with the statistic that more than 80% of heterosexual men have also wanked with another male at some point in their lives, with 40% of them having done so in the last three years, it’s not surprising that so many men are so open about discussing sex with their friends.

So there you go, some interesting little factoids about men using sex toys and our general perceptions regarding them, we hope it makes for an interesting read.

If you have any thoughts on this post, or have ideas for things we should be discussing on the blog, please drop a comment below.

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