We have a growing collection of fetish toys for you and a partner to enjoy in the bedroom, whether you're just starting out with bondage toys, looking for something more extreme, or just curious about the pleasures you can gain from a good kinky night in.

We have a growing collection of restraints, blindfolds, paddles and cuffs, all the things you're seeking whether you're exploring for the first time or need to add to your collection for improved play.

From the extremes of e-stim from companies like Rimba, to the sexy leather gear from brands like House of Eros, we have something for you.


  • Ball Stretchers

    Ball stretchers are specially designed for men who seek to stretch their nuts and increase the hang of their scrotum. Used by men for this form of body modification, guys can significantly increase the length of their scrotum and increase the distance between their testicles and the base of their shaft. Made from various materials, our ball stretchers are all top quality and will be delivered free to all UK customers.

  • Penis Plugs

    Penis Plugs are no longer just for those who might be into more risky things, the pleasure and excitement of insertion has never been easier to experience with some of the remarkable new designs. Whether you're new to the notion of fetish toys or more experienced with these devices, we have a growing collection of cock plugs for you to try out and experience. If you have any ideas for new content pages or products we should make available, please contact us and let us know.

  • E-Stim toys

    E-stim toys have a lot of fans out there, and we have a growing collection of great products and accessories from famous brands including Rimba, Nexus and more. Check out the collection and buy securely, with FREE UK DELIVERY on almost all items in the shop, and free lube with all orders over £20 too.

  • Restraints

    Restraint can be an excellent part of sex, and our great range of restraints and equipment can make your kinky play even hornier. Check out the leather hand made cuffs and collars, bed restraints and other equipment to help you gain control and keep it in the bedroom.

  • Chastity Devices
  • Nipple Clamps
  • Other Fetish Items

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