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Discover the new TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators

In case you hadn't noticed, the TENGA sex toys company has been pretty much leading the way when it comes to male masturbatory pleasure over the last few years. We thought their cups were great, but that there might not be anywhere left to go with them other than developing new textures for the sleeves inside. Well, it turns out we were wrong, just check out the new range of Air-Tech Twist masturbators!

Twisting and sucking pleasure with the new TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators

If you remember the first incarnation of their cup masturbators you might also recall that their first foray into the international market was somewhat stunted by the fact that they were disposable. In Japan (where the company is based) it's not uncommon for men to treat themselves to a sex toy, but these are usually thrown away after one use. Because of this they tended to use foam and thin plastic materials that couldn't withstand the durability and hygiene requirements we're used to.

In all honesty, they were expensive for what they were. Guys in the UK just weren't willing to spend £10-15 on a toy that they would be throwing away after only one use - or maybe two if you were lucky.

The TENGA company worked this out, eventually, and started working on making their great designs more durable for a Western market. As you can see, it worked.

The new Air-Tech masturbators gained a lot of fans for their incredible design and the way the company managed to make them suck your cock as well as stroke you, all without any power, achieved by some extremely clever airflow within the sleeve and around it.

Yes, not only did they take a leap out into more durable materials to make their toys last, they created an intricate design between the sleeve and the cup housing that actually sucked the user as if they were getting a blow job from a very talented friend!

The TENGA Air-Tech masturbators suck your cock for you

The original TENGA Air-Tech masturbators are still extremely popular with our customers, but we expect the new Twist versions to be even more desired.

So, what makes the new Twist masturbators a little more special than the already amazing Air-Tech toys?

It's really quite simple. Along with stroking your cock in a detailed sleeve of incredible texture, and aside from the vacuum sensations giving you an incredible sucking along the way, the new TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators have an adjustable tightness mechanism!

Twisting the top of the new Air-Tech strokers changes the feel inside

When you slide into the new TENGA Air-Tech twist stroking cups you can turn the top of the toy and feel the tunnel wrap around your shaft and helmet, giving you a looser feel or a closer fit as the nubs, chambers and ribs of the texture pleasure your manhood expertly.

Yeah, we've been pretty amazed by this development too. It seems so simple now, but they were clearly ahead of the curve and delivered something no other toy maker was.

You might think this new mechanism makes it a lot harder to clean and maintain, but you would be wrong. The Twisting mechanism inside is built into the casing, not the sleeve. You can slide out the soft and fleshy tunnel to clean it without having any effect on the system, then slide it back in and be ready for another amazing stroke session.

The TENGA Air-Tech Twist is available in Tickle and Ripple textures

The Air-Tech Twist masturbators are currently available in Tickle and Ripple versions, with intricate textures inside ready to give you an incredible experience as you slide in and out of the toy. We expect that many more flavours of pleasure might become available over time as customers show their love for these two initial versions.

You can bet that when more become available we'll be bringing them to you as soon as possible.


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