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Which ZOLO Cup Is Right For You?

Everyone loves a good cup masturbator. They're easy to use, hand-held for stroking fun, discreet enough to be hidden almost anywhere and they're pretty affordable for most guys. While Tenga is the leading brand delivering hand-held and discreet strokers in subtle cases there are others encroaching on their style, and doing it quite well. ZOLO is one such brand.

Their cup masturbators are some of the best for the price range, with their toys each priced around £22 (25.72 EUR, 27.61 USD). That's less than I spend just on coffee in a week.

Designed to be discreet and compact, each stroker is approximately 6.25 inches in length. Small enough to fit in the grip and to be hidden on top of a cupboard in the garage (am I giving away too much?) but big enough to give a guy enough coverage when slipping inside for a good wank.

The ZOLO cups come in seven flavours, six of which we stock.

Inside the ZOLO cups

As you can see from the above textures each one is capable of providing a different sensation, with their unique designs giving a snug or more spacious, ribbed, tickler, nubbed pleasure while you pump away.

The internal sleeve is made from a familiar fleshy silicone material that offers just enough resistance with its flaps, grooves, bumps and so on pleasuring your tip and shaft on each stroke.

A rounded non-anatomical entry hole is designed to suit all men. Once inside the soft and flexible orifice you'll be savoring the intricate design of the sleeve and you could find yourself unloading in record time.

Additional pleasure can be found by closing the end air valve for added vacuum within the sleeve, taking your stroke to a new level of pressure and excitement. Remember to remove the outer plastic covering to access this valve and allow the free flow of air otherwise you might feel like you're trying to hump juice bottle.

When choosing which of the ZOLO toys is right for you, consider the image above and you should be able to work out which design is going to offer you the right sensations. We're all different when it comes to what we enjoy, but most men would probably agree that the most elaborate sleeves tend to offer more pleasure.

Tightness is also a factor. The Original sleeve is one of the most comfortable for the man who likes a smoother stroke, while the Backdoor is going to offer you a far closer feel while you're inside it.

zolo cups openings

Block the suction valve opening at the base to adjust the vacuum within the sleeve once you're inside and you'll experience even more sensation with the textures each one offers.

When you're done just rinse out the toy with some warm water and leave to dry for next time.

ZOLO Cup Facts to Consider

It needs to be pointed out that the ZOLO cups aren't intended to last a lifetime, so don't expect to still be banging away at these in your retirement. For toys in this price range you can probably expect a few months of enjoyment before they start to fall apart, but this depends on how often you're rubbing one out and what kind of lube you use. If you're looking for a masturbator that's going to stand the test of time you really need to be looking at something more substantial, such as the higher-end Tenga toys or the Fleshlight products.

Having said that, if you use water based lubricants (we recommend best-selling Liquid Silk), clean out your toy after use and treat it right, you could enjoy fifty experiences with your ZOLO before it's time to replace it.

Remember, do not use silicone-based lube with silicone toys. They quickly damage the material and they become sticky, they rip open, they become incredibly gooey and they start to stink to high-heaven. Whenever I see a review for a silicone toy with the author complaining about the quality after a few uses I just know they've been banging away at it with a silicone lube and if they just did a little reading they probably wouldn't have much to complain about.

Size is also a factor, as it is with any compact canister/cup style toy. These strokers are intended to be discreet, easy to hide, simple to use and hand-held. The ZOLO is designed to accommodate a majority of men, but if you're lucky enough to have a girthy dong you might want to try something that isn't housed within a cup. Unlike the Flehslight/Fleshjack toys, and some similar products, the ZOLO sleeve isn't removable from the canister, so you can't use the stretchy tunnel on its own.

While these strokers probably aren't going to last several years, you won't need a second mortgage to get the whole collection, and they're all capable of giving you some great additional pleasure while you're enjoying your solo time.

Click here to check out the ZOLO range.

Leave a comment below if you've tried one, or if you think there's anything I've overlooked.

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