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A closer look at the ZOLO Twist

The ZOLO Twist is brought to you by the same company who brought us the excellent Pool Balls, the ZOLO Cup range and the Stax Mix n Match masturbator and is available in both Anaconda and Cobra – the difference between them being the internal design of the sleeve.

Starting off with the outer packaging (and of course everything we send is also delivered in a plain and secure box) we think the packaging is pretty nice if a little over the top. Brightly coloured and with silvery bits you kind of wonder how much was spent on the box rather than the toy inside. Considering this is something we all throw away within hours (and if you’re anything like me you prefer to take your time to properly destroy that box to prevent any local cat from dragging it out on display on rubbish collection day!) we think a nice design without all this fanfare would have been better. Are we being picky? Maybe, but we just think all the shiny stuff is a little unnecessary.

Shiny bits on packaging, do we really need all that flashy stuff?

They’re packaged pretty well inside, with simple clear plastic caps at each end to stop the masturbators from rolling around and bashing about. If you’re one of those strange people who keeps everything in its box then good luck trying to get everything back in there again while closing the tab top down.

Once out of the box you get a good look at just how nice these masturbators actually are. The quality of these things is amazing. If Apple made sex toys then this would probably be an entry-level version of something that’s going to stroke and suck in the future, powered by water and sunlight and giving you multiple orgasms through the power of a revolutionary app.

The ZOLO company has a distinctive design style

The shape is definitely something they’re running with. The indentations around the outside are seen again in the ZOLO Stax masturbator too, so we can presume that this is something they’re going to stick to doing in all the tube designs they come up with (and we hope they come up with many more).

There are 2 circumnavigating seams on the toy, one for the removal of the cap at the top, and another almost half way down the toy where the plastic casing twists apart.

Removing the top cap reveals an impressive opening.

The welcoming opening of the ZOLO Twist is absolutely perfect

This is quality, that’s the first thing you think when you see it. There are so many masturbators out there these days and so many of them are just not designed to any real standard either, so when you see something as beautifully designed and constructed as this it makes a real difference. I don’t want to sound like a gushing student talking endlessly about a chair design by a Swedish guy whose name no one can pronounce, but this just looks so well made and so welcoming too.

Perfect dimensions lead you into the soft rounded opening and into the texture within

The plump and perfectly rounded opening is the perfect shape and size in my opinion. There’s no rubbing of plastic edges (some of you may remember the farce of the first Fleshlight toys and the problems guys had keeping those fleshy openings in place). This is not too tight, not too loose, not too stingy on silicone… and it just looks really nice.

Of course, the real highlight of the ZOLO Twist is the fantastic lengthening of the housing. This is something they could really do more of, in a smaller design. The ZOLO Twist already starts off at 7.5 inches long, which is long enough for probably 80% of men, but the twisting motion adds almost another 2 inches.

The special feature of the ZOLO Twist is the turning and stretching motion

Think about that for a moment. They could probably make a masturbator that’s a compact 5 inches long and slimmer too, and have it stretch to 7 inches. Isn’t that more practical than a masturbator designed to stretch to 9 inches when most men don’t need that much?

We all wish we had that much to play with, but the truth is that if it’s only marketed to men with massive knobs their audience is going to be extremely limited!

Of course, although it’s marketed as a toy for the more well endowed man, the stretching motion also changes the tightness of the sleeve within, and that’s probably the more impressive thing about this and what makes it a great masturbator for every guy regardless of length. You can actually feel the difference between the before and after, and that brings us to the techie bit…

Comes apart for easier cleaning, and actually goes back together again

The design is actually pretty simple when you open up the bottom half – which you can do for cleaning. The sleeve is held in place at the bottom by a detachable slotting grip, so when you twist the bottom half it pulls the sleeve down, lengthening it and tightening it just a little too.

The only down side (and this is really the only problem we found with the toy at all) is that the join where the clip attaches to the silicone is a little bit tenuous. I have enjoyed both the Cobra and the Anaconda several times and neither has actually broken, but the nature of silicone means that this connector is always going to be a little risky. It does the job, but for how long? That remains to be seen. For now these toys are doing their job and the stress test I’ve put them through has proven results.

After taking it apart and cleaning it putting it back together again is simple enough.

And now for the texture:

ZOLO Twist Cobra texture features a snug tunnel with bumps and ribs

I did consider how I might more appropriately show the texture inside each, but I couldn’t bear the thought of cutting these sleeves open for you guys, sorry about that. I might do in the future if I get bored with these toys, but I doubt I will.

The Cobra and the Anaconda have their own texture, as detailed on the packaging of each, and each feels different too. They’re not spectacularly different, but the sensations are individual enough to make it worthwhile.

While both feature nubs and ribs the patterns are different, and the width of the designs are slightly different too. The ZOLO Twist Cobra is definitely consistently tighter, but the Anaconda has a certain point in it where the width is markedly slimmer too and with great large nubs in the tip.

The SOLO Twist is available in both Cobra and Anaconda textures

I can’t pick one of the two which might be better than the other, as they both have great features in the sleeve.

Cleaning them is pretty easy, the sleeves have small holes in the end to allow water to pass through (which sadly means that lube can get through there too) and you will need to take the casing apart after use to properly rinse it out, but that’s a small price to pay for such a well designed and great feeling toy.

Once again we’re left wondering what the ZOLO company might come up with next. After what we’ve seen so far we have to admit that we’re impressed and we want more.


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