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Ball Stretching - How And Why

Ball stretching is a practice millions of men engage in around the world. For some it's an aspect of culture, especially in traditional tribal communities where body modification is a common spiritual and cultural practice. Many men in the Western world engage in this activity, although sexual enjoyment and body modification are perhaps the most prevalent reasons.

What is Ball Stretching?

The practice is as it sounds. Men apply stretchers or weights (sometimes both) to their scrotum in order to elongate the scrotal sack and encourage the testicles to hang lower and away from the body.

It's important to note that ball stretching refers to the scrotal sack in which the testes hang, and not about stretching the testes themselves.

The skin of the scrotum is quite elastic, so stretching it over time is a relatively simple practice. This activity is similar to the lobe stretching many millions of people engage in, where increasing gauges of rings are inserted into a pierced earlobe in order to create a larger opening.

There are two kinds of ball stretching.

The first is for momentary enjoyment.

Many men engage in BDSM activities with partners and ball stretching is often a central part of play. In this instance various tools and products might be applied to the scrotum to deliver temporary sensation or allow those involved to experience domination and/or submission. Pain and pleasure can be derived from careful manipulation of the testicles and scrotum, with heavy weights applied, binding string or rope, chains added to cuffs for extra pulling etc.

Likewise, ball stretching for momentary experience also applies to masturbation. Many men experience a heightened climax and a bigger ejaculation if they apply a ball stretcher for solo enjoyment.

There are three reasons for this increased pleasure and ejaculation. First, the excitement of using a new product can increase pleasure and result in a larger and more powerful delivery of semen. Second, the product might add more sensation to the testicles which otherwise might have been neglected during masturbation. Third, the stretcher prevents the testicles from pulling up closer to the body during climax, which can create a bigger ejaculation.

The second form of ball stretching is more closely related to body modification.

A lot of men find enlarged or low hanging testicles desirable and wish to experience this for themselves. Some men have naturally tight scrotal sacks and perhaps want to simply loosen the skin to allow their testicles to hang lower than they naturally do. In this instance, weights can be applied for extended periods of time, allowing the scrotal sack to gradually stretch in the same way an earlobe will when wearing stretcher rings for long periods.

There are no known limits to how long a scrotal sack can be extended over time, but many men who practice this activity can lengthen their scrotum by several inches to allow their testicles to hang very far from their body.

Is Ball Stretching Safe?

Whether you're exploring ball stretching for BDSM play or for body modification reasons reasonable caution and care are necessary. As with any form of play it's important to know your limits and pay attention to your body.

Know when to stop. Take your time. Be conscious of your activities and maintain a healthy attitude to any sexual activity.

If in doubt, don't. If you experience discomfort (beyond that expected during BDSM play, for example) stop immediately and reconsider. If you have any concerns for your health while engaging in any activity such as ball stretching you should seek medical advice immediately. Please don't be embarrassed about this. Medical professionals are there to help, not to judge.

Getting started with ball stretching

Even if you're not seeking permanent lengthening of the scrotum, most men would be happy to explore aspects of heightened pleasure and a larger ejaculation through masturbation and for this a simple silicone ball stretcher like an Oxballs Cocksling or a Viceroy Reverse Endurance Silicone Cock Ring would assist. These can be worn temporarily during masturbation to keep the testes lower in their sack and prevent them from pulling up toward the base of the erection during orgasm, resulting in heightened pleasure and a bigger finish.

For longer-term ball stretching, in the body modification form, a metal product such as the Prowler Red Magnetic Ball Stretcher or the Donut Stainless Steel Ballstretcher can be used. These can be comfortably worn for several hours at a time and will gradually stretch the scrotum for permanent lengthening.

For momentary play with a partner, exploring BDSM and submission/domination, we would recommend the above mentioned toys and several other items from our fetish collection. There are numerous collars and cuffs which can be worn around the scrotum upon which weights can be applied.

In conclusion

Ball stretching is a common practice enjoyed by millions of men around the world. Whether you're seeking increased sexual pleasure during masturbation or partnered encounters, or you're wishing to lengthen your scrotum for permanent gains, there are options for you. We would recommend starting out with silicone stretchers and exploring slowly, at your own pace.

Do you enjoy ball stretching? Is there something we have missed? Leave a comment below.

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