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Why Is The Oxballs Cocksling 2 So Good?

I can still remember the evening I experienced the Oxballs Cocksling for the first time. If it wasn't the Cocksling 2 then it was a precursor to it.

It was ten years ago and a friend was hosting a party. It was nothing too big, perhaps two dozen sexually liberated guys hanging out and enjoying a few beers and some adult entertainment. It was a great mix of men from their 20s to 60s, across the diverse spectrum of sexuality from straight to gay and all the grey areas in-between. Most of us knew each other, having attended these parties before, but there was a new guy in his 30s who gained a lot of attention because of the ring he was wearing.

Toys and lubricants and rings were quite common at these events, but the ring he was wearing looked more impressive than the standard silicone, leather, metal or lasso cock rings we'd all encountered numerous times.

His name was James and we were all curious about the stretchy black socket looking device that made his member swell and throb with masculine urgency while his large scrotum bulged and swung, presented forward like a swollen wrinkled balloon.

Naturally, I started an intimate conversation with him and he began to extol the virtues of wearing such a penis ring.

Now, call me ignorant if you must, but at that time I was one of those guys who assumed most men wore such rings to assist them in maintaining an erection. I wasn't very experienced with regard to toys and products for men but anything involving the penis and masturbation would immediately pique my interest.

James assured me there were numerous benefits that went far beyond the stamina issue. He insisted that he never had any problems with that, but the ring offered him more girth, more pleasure and often a more powerful climax.

He allowed me to try it on for myself and after some wrestling with it, and some necessary assistance from James, I found it to be extremely comfortable and pleasurable.

James was right, the Oxballs Cocksling was about far more than just maintaining. My erection was about as hard as it had ever been. I was twitching and throbbing with pleasure. The way the sling held my scrotum and presented it added to the pleasure experienced. I was sad to hand it back to him, and I was jealous of the final result when the party was winding down and James proved to us all that it did indeed assist with the power of an ejaculation.

That experience started my journey and although I was an impoverished young man who couldn't afford much beyond my rent I saved up some pennies and bought my own.

What makes the Oxballs products so special?

Aside from their masculine style this company knows their materials. They have several products made of silicone, but the Cocksling is made from TPR, which gives it its distinctive style and durability.

TPR, or Thermoplastic Rubber, is an elastomer commonly used for its sturdiness and ease of application. The rubber on the soles of your shoes is often TPR.

While being extremely durable it's also flexible yet firm. In thicker application its almost solid, but in thinner forms it's both stretchy and strong. It holds its shape over repetitive uses and has the ability to last a lifetime in the right application.

TPR is skin-safe and non-allergenic, making it a perfect material for penis rings and other toys for intimate use.

My First Oxballs Cocksling

The first thing I discovered is that it takes practice to apply this strong and stretchy ring.

James had made it seem so easy, but with four hands and no doubt hours of practice under his belt (pun intended) he was a master at it. It took him mere seconds to stretch it out and place it on, and likewise removing it was a breeze.

Now, on my own and slippery with lube, while having only two hands, it wasn't so easy.

I think it took me about ten minutes to position the Cocksling myself the first time. It also took a ball-aching slip of the rubber material for me to learn that it's better to apply the Oxballs Cocksling while you're soft or only semi-hard, and before there's any lubricant involved.

But, once it was on, I was eagerly experiencing the same great benefits I'd had a taste of at the party.

That first time didn't last very long but the finish was impressive.

Over time I learned how to apply it properly and I managed to cut the time down to just a few seconds, even when fully aroused. Stretching the main ring and easing down the shaft first, before stretching out the lower ring to accept the scrotum, was my preferred method, then reversing this process to remove it. I found it was definitely far easier to apply and remove while soft, but as we all know in the heat of the moment that's not always possible.

The Benefits

Over the course of my play in those first few months, including attending other parties and letting other guys try my ring the same way James had done for me, I learned a lot about this product and why James loved it so much.

It might seem like a very basic item, but for those of you who truly appreciate your masturbation I do view it as a must-have.

The Oxballs Cocksling will absolutely give you more stamina and help you maintain an erection, if that is something you need in your arsenal of products.

But, at the same time, it's a great toy for the man who just wants to make the most of his pleasure.

The stretchy and tight form of the Cocksling makes your erection thicker and harder, who doesn't want that? While it's not going to act like a penis pump or give you a comically huge member, it will offer far more solidity and this seems to assist with slippery contact and the sensation you can experience during masturbation or intercourse.

The Oxballs Cocksling is a perfect toy for the man who enjoys extended play during masturbation. While edging, the Cocksling provides a perfect amount of grip and constriction, making your muscle bulge with pleasure. Good water based lubricant will assist with this.

Keeping the testicles down in their scrotum while you play also adds more sensation and seems to assist in the power of the climax. You'll notice that the testes often pull up in the moments before ejaculation, but you might also have noticed that keeping them down seems to help in the force of your climax, the amount of semen you produce and the pleasure this provides.

Coupled with the practice of edging, or even just extended sessions of play, the lower ring of the Oxballs Cocksling really helps to achieve a bigger finish by keeping the testicles down and preventing them from pulling up toward the base of the erection.

Beyond the Cocksling

The Oxballs company has produced numerous amazing products since their inception and all the ones I have tried have been remarkably good quality.

I still have my very first Cocksling and I still wear it regularly, for solo play, partnered fun and for events like the one where James introduced me to their products.

The quality and durability of their products is second-to-none, and although I think I have broken two of their silicone rings this only occurred after years of enjoyment.

I might be biased, having enjoyed these products for so long, but I would recommend investing in a Cocksling if you love maximizing your experience. If you enjoy great sex, want to experience more pleasure and especially if you're a practitioner of edging or extended masturbation, consider giving the Oxballs Cocksling a try.

When you do, come back and let me know in the comments how it went!


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