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Is This The Best Fleshlight In The Range?

Suggesting a toy in the vast collection might be the best Fleshlight is a little far-fetched, so I’m narrowing this down to the Quickshot sub-section of masturbators to make it far easier for me to claim.

If you’ve ever slid your dong into any masturbator they’ve ever made you’ll understand why.

All of their products have been best-sellers over the years, and we all understand the appeal. They were the first to bring this style of canister masturbator to global attention, and ever since then we’ve been hooked on whatever they want to produce next.

The Quickshot range of masturbators are something special, for several reasons.

The fleshlight quickshot comes in many forms

There have been numerous iterations of the Fleshlight Quickshot over several years, and they all have a dedicated group of fans who claim their toy of choice is the best.

The Turbo Blue Ice is the latest design to drop here at BlokeToys, and I think this might be the best design ever added to the Quickshot range.

What is a Quickshot?

I guess we should get down to the basics, briefly. Some of you might not even know what these masturbators are.

If you already know all about this product you won’t hurt my feelings by scrolling down to the next section.

The Quickshot range is a more affordable and more compact design released by the Fleshlight company to satisfy the needs of men who have a smaller budget but want all the thrills of one of their best-selling canister strokers.

At about 4.4 inches in length these men’s sex toys offer the incredible pleasure and quality design of their proprietary fleshy material in a more condensed form. The thrill is the same, but the price tag is a little more comfortable.

They’re also open-ended, making them great for additional fun during a blowjob, or for frottage between men. Many of our customers are interested in mutual masturbation between guys, so these simple open-ended designs are very popular for shared contact.

The fleshy inner tunnels come in several designs, with ribs and nubs of various forms offering different sensations.

There are also numerous openings to try, ranging from vaginas to non-specific round orifices.

All of this is provided in a plastic housing with two end caps to protect the opening from dust.

An additional benefit of the Quickshot is the compact size, which helps a lot of men hide their stroker from prying eyes, and assists in easy travel. We’re not sure who is taking a masturbator with them on a flight, but if you do then this range can fit comfortably in your carry-on.

So, that’s the basics, now what about the Turbo Blue Ice and what makes this the best Fleshlight in the Quickshot range?

The Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice

The Turbo Blue Ice features everything above, from the smaller dimensions to the housing, the open-ended tunnel to the inner fleshy material, but it has something special.

Fleshlight calls this the “Suspended Entry Ring System” (I guess making is SERS for short is a little too much?)

At each end of the soft tunnel you’ll find a raised section of silicone material. This is raised above the secondary opening and welcomes you with a tighter grip. Push through a little more and you enter the Quickshot tunnel to experience the inner pleasures.

Pop your dong out of the other side and you’ll meet the second raised “SERS” on the other side, so if you’re longer than perhaps 5 or 6 inches you’ll have this opposite ring meeting your wet tip as you push through completely.

So, what does the Suspended Entry Ring System do, exactly?

The best way I can describe it is that it’s like someone wrapping their thumb and finger around your shaft while a second stroker slides down over your tip. Push all the way and then you have the second ring working your helmet on the opposite side.

This leads to three areas of contact, with the gaps in-between highlighting the sensation of the soft material.

Inside The Sleeve

Every Fleshlight has a different internal structure to deliver a new sensation, and the Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice is no exception.

The internal design is split into three distinct regions.

First, on entry, you’ll experience the initial opening of the Suspended Entry Ring System. Push through that and you’ll meet a series of angled fleshy shapes offering some sweet resistance. Continue past that and your tip will slide into an even more snug chamber with a spiral design that might send you over the edge within moments if you’re not careful.

If you can successfully continue past that section you’ll have an easy exit through the angled shapes on the opposite side before again reaching the Suspended Entry Ring System, this then titillates your damp tip again, ready to send you into spasms of orgasmic bliss.

So, What Makes This The Best Fleshlight?

It’s all subjective, of course, but having tried all of the Quickshot toys I could get my greedy hands on the Turbo Blue Ice is now my favourite.

The Suspended Entry Ring System is deceptively simple, but the way it grips on the entry side and works the tip on the other really adds to the sensations possible. The inner texture is just amazing, and giving it a rotation while you stroke really can have you on the edge within moments of starting.

It’s called the Quickshot for a reason, but if you’re inclined to edge and take your time you’ll be able to learn to hold back and fully enjoy this masturbator for a lengthy session of play.

Are There Any Down-Sides?

Yes. First of all, the compact dimensions of the Quickshot range means those with a very thick shaft might have trouble squeezing their man meat inside this toy. A few guys with a girthier dong might find themselves having to remove it from the plastic casing while in use, to be able to comfortably enter.

If you have an above-average girth I would recommend measuring your circumference before investing in a Quickshot. Anything above a 5.5 inch (14cm) circumference might pose a problem when using the Quickshot, unless you’re happy to use it without the plastic casing around the middle section.

What do you think about the Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice? Do you agree that it’s the best Fleshlight in the Quickshot range? Leave a comment.


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