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How to increase your Cum Load

Can you increase your performance and shoot big? Learn how to cum buckets here and see if our tips and tricks can help you to achieve that increase you desire.

Ever admire the talents of Peter North? There’s a good chance that at some time in your life you’ve surprised yourself or a partner with a load worthy of a porn star, but you probably had no idea how it happened, or how to reproduce that impressive finish. There are some ways for you to increase the chances of that happening again though, so read on!

Just as many millions of men around the world long for a bigger schlong, many millions also wish they could cum a bucket-load of jizz on command. And just as there are a thousand and one companies out there proclaiming that you can swallow a pill for a bigger dick, there are many who say the same is possible for increasing your cum load.

And, in this case, at least in some respects, it is possible to ingest something to do this.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on pills that could contain dangerous chemicals or nothing but chalk. Let us get the facts out of the way first. The Human Male is designed to produce between 0.1 and 10 milliliters of semen at the point of ejaculation. This is widely accepted as normal range. For comparison, consider that a tablespoon is generally 15 milliliters. Therefore, for most males, the capacity for semen production is pretty limited and really nothing like you might see in most adult movies.

A Horse or Elephant might cum a bucket load, but your seminal vesicles are much, much smaller than theirs! Basically, they have internal buckets to hold that bucket-load of jizz, you don’t. Having said that, Peter North obviously has larger than average capacity to store such liquid, so perhaps you do too and you just aren’t reaching your full potential?

That is the key here. I don’t really know if the dimensions of those storage areas can change as your capacity to produce semen increases, or whether your output is limited to storage capacity, but the least you can do is optimize the capacity that exists already.

There are a few basic rules to increasing your cum load.

  • Hydration.

You need to make sure that you have enough water within your body at all times, this is especially important if you are PLANNING to release some of that water through ejaculation – or indeed any kind of physical exertion that produces sweat.

  • Smoking

Smoking is never good. We all know this. It damages circulation, which is a key factor in transporting vital components around the body. That includes oxygen, proteins, acids, minerals and so on. All of these things work together in semen production, as well as everything else your body does.

  • Alcohol

Same as above. Alcohol, especially excessive consumption of alcohol, causes significant damage to the entire body. Your reproductive system is included in this. If your body is fighting to repair damage done on a wild night out, it’s not going to be prioritizing the production of man juice.

  • Diet

A healthier diet to include plenty of fruit and vegetables is essential to any healthy body. You can only produce the vital components your body needs to grow and repair itself if you are supplying it with the core materials. If all you consume is fatty foods filled with sugar and chemicals, then it should be no surprise to you that your body begins to fail in various areas.

These are all pretty fundamental to a Human Male body functioning adequately. If you can’t get these basics down, you need to stop considering how to increase your cum load and start considering how to deal with that potential heart-attack you’re likely to have far too early in life.


Now, if you can do all of that, there are additional ways to increase your cum load further…


Yeah, the dreaded “A ” word! Sorry guys, but it’s a fact, if you go without ejaculating you’ll ejaculate more when you do. That’s not because you get “blue balls” or a build up, it’s simply because your desire to ejaculate is increased and level of arousal seems to directly influence semen production. As the desire for sexual release increases, so does the testosterone level. Your body is almost constantly driven to have sex and spread your genetic material far and wide, so holding back naturally increases the desire for sex in most men.


Prolonged stimulation increases the preparation time, while you’re slowly stroking, your body is preparing semen for the inevitable shoot. If you spend three hours stroking, you’ll cum more than if you spent ten minutes. Using a masturbator to stimulate the penis and even using a probe to work the Prostate gland simultaneously may also increase cum load as some of the liquids ejaculated originate in the male G-spot. You brave guys might want to check out “Prostate Milking” as a search. Of course, we have to take this opportunity to promote some affordable wanking toys too, click through to view our range of masturbators.


Protein is a major factor, and I am reliably told that maintaining a high-protein diet increases cum load significantly. I’m also told that peanuts help. I know of several bodybuilders who regularly take protein supplements as part of their regimen, and I have been told that this intake not only increases sexual drive, but also increases their cum load. It can also be suggested that physical exercise is an important factor in overall sexual performance.


As mentioned previously, several bodybuilders I have known swear that their use of supplements and protein shakes increased their cum loads. This is seemingly supported by fertility research which suggests that the supplements many athletes take not only assist in their physical strength and muscle development, but also help in sexual and fertility aspects. While Zinc increases the mobility and number of sperm, this is unlikely to make a visible difference in semen volume. Amino Acids, however, do. There are many supplements out there, from basic all-in-one pills to focused and specific supplements for a task. As long as they include Amino Acids these should help to increase your production.


While it is known that cooler temperatures promote sperm production, a higher number of sperm in your semen is unlikely to cause a visible difference. However, I have seen others report that a few minutes of bathing the nuts in cold water before sex or masturbation has increased their cum load. I don’t know if this is psychological, but it seems unlikely to me as the sperm are produced and stored there, not the seminal fluid, which is what would increase your visible cum shot. Still, it’s worth a try and can’t do any harm!

Ultimately, you can do all or none of these things and hope to increase your cum load, but nothing works as well as sexual arousal. So, the best advice anyone can offer a guy who wants to cum like a porn star is just to enjoy it, create as much pleasure as possible, take your time, worship that cock and maybe take things further with a little prostate play.

We are all different, the world would be a very boring place indeed if we were all clones of each other. If you don’t see any significant results from your efforts, learn to simply accept that this is who you are and move on. There’s no reason why you can’t experiment and try new things, but it should never become an obsession that affects your well-being.

Yes, it might seem that all research suggests that porn is a dreaded curse warping your mind and distorting your view of sex, but these are seemingly always written by women who have some form of radical feminist agenda. Erotica has always existed, for as long as Humans have been able to create images. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the sight of others enjoying sex. Watching porn can, and does, heighten sexual desire, we know this. It’s clear that when combined with masturbation and edging you can increase your cum load.

Remember, you don’t have to ejaculate. If you have some self-control, you can edge for a while enjoying porn and then move on with that heightened sexual desire and share the results with whoever it is you’re wanting to impress.

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