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The Fun Of Double Masturbators

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What is a double masturbator?

In short, they're strokers with dual openings. Some have non-specific orifices with rounded holes to welcome you inside, others combine a pussy and ass, or sometimes a mouth design.

The Bangers Tight Flip Pussy and Mouth Masturbator has dual openings with a single tunnel

(Pictured: Bangers Tight Flip Pussy and Mouth Masturbator)

Some have a single continuous tunnel from one end to the other, as seen above, while others have two separate chambers within, divided by a thin wall. In many cases these individual tunnels also have unique internal structures to offer a different sensation depending on the entry you choose.

Occasionally you'll find a double masturbator that not only has one tunnel but also two openings each leading to a unique texture for a different sensation.

The PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker has two textures

(Pictured: PDX Plus Pick Your Pleasure Stroker Flesh Pink)

Who are they for?

You might be thinking these toys are just designed for guys who need a little more than one texture or one opening, but over our years of selling these great toys we've discovered plenty of men who use them together to simulate double penetration, or to make frottage together more intense.

three mutual strokers.png

(Pictured: Colt Hand Job Stroker, Fleshlight Quickshot and Travel Gripper Pussy and Ass)

Open ended sleeves like the Colt Hand Job Stroker might seem simple, but they're perfect for guys who want to "meet in the middle" and experience the pleasure of contact.

There's a toy to meet very need. If you'd like the experience of DP with a friend but you don't want direct contact, the separate tunnels of the Tenga Double Hole Cup will suit you. If you want to slide in with a friend and experience the hot and slippery sensations of direct contact then the Travel Gripper Pussy And Ass Masturbator might be for you.

If you're just looking for a great toy that offers you more than one entry you have a vast range to choose from.

Check out the full Mutual Masturbation category for plenty more, there's certainly something there to meet your needs.

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  • Would like to try it
    By: Peter On 03/22/2024

    I have a few strokers but I haven't masturbated with another guy for a very long time. I do think about it quite a lot though. I would love to share toys with a friend. I'll keep this post in mind if I find a friend who wants to wank.