We are committed to respecting your privacy and handling your information in a secure manner.

Whether you're browsing our website or placing an order with us, we gather certain information which assists us to deliver an experience you would expect from a website like ours. We're committed to be open and honest with you about what information is collected and would like to offer guarantees about how this data is managed.

This policy details how we gather information, about whom this information pertains, and how we use this information internally.

Data Protection Principles

We adhere to the following rules regarding the information we gather:

  1. Information is processed lawfully, fairly and in as transparent a manner as possible,
  2. gathered only for legitimate purposes,
  3. retained for no longer than is necessary,
  4. maintained in a secure manner,
  5. anonymized wherever possible.

Two forms of information gathered

There are two distinct forms of information gathered about visitors to this site.

  1. Passive data collection is incidental information which is gathered about visitors to this website in an anonymous format. This information commonly pertains to analytics and monitoring of website usage. This may include geographical location (to city or region level only), IP (Internet Protocol, the series of digits used to identify a device or connection), technological data such as the kind of device used (tablet phone or desktop) or the browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). This information doesn't allow us to identify you through any means considered reasonable.
  2. Active data collection is information you choose to supply to complete an order through this website, leave a review of comment, or contact us for any reason. This actively collected information is volunteered by you to assist the processing of a request. When placing an order from us you supply passive data detailed above, with personally identifying information volunteered for the purposes of delivering an expected result (addition of a review, assistance via contact, processing of an order). This actively provided information supplied by you may include your given name, your address, your email address, a phone number and any additional information you choose to supply in any additional communication.

How we handle each form of data

Passively collected data is anonymous and is used selectively to monitor site usage and help us to improve delivery of this website to users. This information is gathered by our servers, and by third-party participants such as Google (please view their terms for more information about how they comply with law). Information gathered passively cannot be used to identify any user of this website through reasonable endeavors.

Actively collected information is used to maintain customer accounts, facilitate the processing and delivery of products, process product reviews, update customers on the progress of an order, or to supply information to a customer about new products (such as through a Newsletter system). No part of this information is obtained without your consent. This information is maintained only for as long as is necessary. Any information we have about you can be requested to be deleted at any time and we will comply with all reasonable requests for a copy of all relevant information to the person identified as legally entitled to that information.

Personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses may be shared with a recognized partner only for the purposes of supplying the service the customer expects.


The use of cookies is a standard practice throughout the Internet. When you visit a website like ours one or more small packages of information ("Cookies") are transferred to your browser. This may come from our server, or from a server owned by Google (for the purposes of analytics and website monitoring).

We do not utilize any method of "re-targeting" in advertising and we do not allow any other party to issue cookies through our website.

There are two types of cookie you may encounter while using our website:

  1. Session cookies are limited in their use and are removed when you shut down your browser. These are used to make your experience here as useful as possible and to allow us to monitor how the site functions while you interact with it.
  2. Persistent cookies are longer-term cookies which can remain in your browser until they reach their automatic expiration date and remove themselves, or they can be removed manually. The option to remove them manually changes depending on the browser you use (Chrome, Safari or Firefox etc). Any persistent cookies delivered from our servers to your system are solely used to assist you in logging in, remembering your last visit or showing you relevant information relating to your own usage of this website.

In both cases, cookies delivered by us to your system relate to your usage and enjoyment of this website, or assist us to deliver the best service, and are not used to track, monitor or otherwise advertise to you via other services or websites.

External websites may be linked from pages on this website. In these instances users should refer to the cookie policies of those websites. BlokeRetail ( and its owners, operators or employees will not be held accountable for the actions of third-party websites.

Understanding the cookies we use

Necessary cookies are used to enable you to create an account, log in, use the cart function and complete payment.

Analytical cookies are used by our server and our partner (Google) to help us to understand performance, site usage and popularity of content.

Functionality cookies are used to identify you (or your browser) when you return, allowing us to present account information, details about items previously viewed, the content of an abandoned cart or other aspects relevant to you and your time on our website.

Targeting cookies are not used by BlokeRetail ( These cookies are often used by other companies to allow them to show you relevant advertising from them when you visit other sites participating in the same advertising network.

Disclosure of your information

The sharing of your information with third-parties is limited. We share such information with partners to assist us in the delivery of products.

  1. Product storage and dispatch may be handled by an external company. Delivery and product information is supplied to them to facilitate the delivery of purchased products. This information includes Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address and Products ordered.
  2. Delivery agents need limited personal information to be able to supply service. This information includes Name and Address.

In both instances BlokeRetail ( has endeavored to ensure the partner is able to comply with relevant data security legislation, but will not be held legally accountable for a breach of customer information from their services or systems.

BlokeRetail (, its owners, operators and employees will comply with all lawful requests for information by a government or law enforcement agency.

Information transmission and storage

Information transmitted via this website (from you to our servers) is secured by SSL, an industry standard of data encryption for information in transit. Once information is received by our server it is added to a database. Appropriate security measures are taken to ensure that this data is secure and maintained. We recognize that we are legally obliged to inform you as soon as is practically possible if a breach of your information is discovered.

How long we store your information

  • For the purposes of maintaining a customer account - We will store your personal information indefinitely with agreement from you.
  • For the purposes of fulfilling an order - We will store your personal information indefinitely with agreement from you.
  • For the purposes of supplying a newsletter - We will store your email address and supplied name indefinitely with agreement from you.
  • For the purposes of contact via customer services for any reason - We will store your information indefinitely with agreement from you.

You may ask at any time for any information we have about you to be deleted, or supplied to you for evaluation. This process will require confirmation of identity via email or phone, and may require confirmation by other means we deem necessary to ensure the security of that information.

Your rights

You have legal right the following:

  • Information access. You can request any information we have about you at any time free-of-charge. This will include details to explain why we have the information, how we have used this information, who we may have shared this information with, how and where we obtained the information and for how long this information will be retained by us.
  • Correction. You have the right to ask us to correct or change any information we have about you.
  • Right to be Forgotten. You have the right to request that we delete all identifiable information about you from our systems. We will comply with this request in all possible means but may be unable to remove every piece of information. We will offer a full explanation as to why any information cannot be deleted and why.
  • Limiting use of information. You have the right to request that we cease all use of any information we have gathered about you if: (i) the information is inaccurate; (ii) it is discovered we are unlawfully using your information; (iii) we no longer have a legitimate use for the information. This information may still be retained by us and marked as unusable, to enable us to be aware of future use of this information or under legal requirement. For example, if fraud is suspected in relation to an account or a piece of identifiable personal information, we may retain that information to ensure internal processes are met and action can be taken to prevent future fraud in relation to that account.
  • Request of transmission. You have the right to request that your personal information held by us is sent to a third-party. This will be delivered either electronically (email) or by physical means (letter), and will be structured in an easy to understand format. Where any information is redacted or unable to be supplied, an explanation will be given.
  • Legitimate storage and use. You may request that we stop storing or using any part of your information held by us at any time and we will comply with this request, as long as there is a legitimate and legal reason for this request.
  • Consent. When creating an account, placing an order (forming a contract with us) or subscribing to communications from us (via Newsletter, telephone or or other means) you have given unambiguous consent to be contacted in the way described and for the purposes implied in giving consent in that individual instance. You are legally able to withdraw this consent at any time.

If you wish to exercise any of your legal rights detailed above, please contact us by email:

You also have the right, at any time, to lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner's Office if you believe we are not complying with the laws and regulations relating to the use/storage of the information you give us, or that we collect about you.

Marketing Opt-Out

All of our marketing is opt-in. When signing up for a newsletter your email address is confirmed by your choice to click on a supplied link. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in the bottom of the newsletter.

Outside of our newsletter subscription option, we may send you relevant emails in order to fulfill our contract with you, such as communications containing information regarding the progress of an order, details about unavailable items or product delays, or follow-up communications to ensure everything was to standard or to inquire about your willingness to supply a review for a product.

These additional communications are considered necessary for our service to you and are limited in scope, but may also include additional marketing.

Policy updates

We may alter this policy at any time. When changes are made to this policy we will endeavor to update our customers and visitors either through a link on our website, via social media or through email communication.