Terms and conditions of use

Age Of Consent

By buying products from BlokeToys.co.uk, or by becoming a registered customer of the BlokeToys.co.uk website, and therefore able to receive promotional communications from us, you are stating that you are of legal age to receive such information and view the contents of our site in your jurisdiction.

Where items are purchased by you for delivery to another individual, you agree that you have complied with all necessary laws and restrictions on the sale, delivery and possession of that item in that jurisdiction and for that individual.

Prices and Payment

All prices displayed in the site are displayed in British Pounds, USD and Euro's (when selected) and are inclusive of VAT at the standard rate. Delivery to the UK is included in the price unless otherwise stated. International delivery is calculated by weight. Next Day Delivery is available at extra cost which will be applied in the checkout process where available. All orders are sent by registered post and usually take between 1 and 3 working days to arrive in the UK (International delivery times may vary). Next Day Delivery is available to UK customers only, and while we endeavor to ensure that items are always delivered within the specified period we cannot be held responsible for delays beyond our control. In instances where Next Day Delivery was expected and paid for, but not met, we will refund this delivery cost upon request.

We cannot be held responsible for additional delays due to industrial disputes, inclement weather or other unforeseen events beyond our direct control. In instances where delays to orders may be predicted, we may find alternative delivery methods.

We accept payment using PayPal, which in turn accepts various credit and debit cards on our behalf. This system is used for flexibility and the high security offered by this globally recognised name. BlokeToys.co.uk cannot be held responsible for any card being declined or any payment process being unsupported by PayPal.

Delivery Costs

We offer UK Registered Delivery by Royal Mail free with all UK orders unless otherwise stated. International Delivery is calculated by weight. These charges are added in the checkout process. Delivery currently takes approximately 1 to 3 working days (UK), but please allow 14 days for delivery before contacting us. Next Day Delivery is available to UK customers only, and only with items specified. In instances where a customer has ordered one item with Next Day Delivery and another where this option is not available, we will send the items out separately according to their delivery method availability, at no extra cost to you.

Please be advised that orders need to be placed before 2pm Mon-Thurs for Next Day Delivery. Orders placed after this time or on weekends will begin processing later than the Next Day Delivery cut-off time and will result in delays. Unfortunately we are not able to refund delivery costs if your order is not delivered in the specified time period.

Please also be aware that orders to Scotland or Northern Ireland may be delayed. It is recommended that you select standard UK delivery from the checkout for delivery to these regions.

For replacement or return of items that are not faulty an additional charge will be applied to cover postage.

Please ensure that you select the correct delivery payment option during checkout as orders can be delayed or cancelled if such information and their relevant charges need to be changed at a later date.

BuddyBate Delivery

We provide shipping services to our friends and partners at BuddyBate.com for their smaller items of merchandise. While we ship these items around the world, we cannot provide tracking for these orders unless that option is chosen in the checkout process.

Every effort is made to ensure your order is shipped immediately, but delays can occur. In addition, BlokeToys cannot be held responsible for delayed or missing mail due to failures by the US Postal Service.

If your BuddyBate items have not arrived within 20 days of ordering, please contact us to report this delay, we can then file a missing mail claim with USPS and they will begin the process of looking for your mail.

While it increases the cost of ordering these small items, we would always recommend customers in the US select tracked delivery.

Return of undelivered items

If your order is returned to us after failure to deliver, we can arrange for the item/s to be dispatched again. For orders originally made with Free UK Delivery, a redelivery charge of £3 may be applied. Delivery may be upgraded to Next Day Delivery (on selected items) at the customers request.

Please be advised that BlokeToys reserves the right to close a customer account and reject any future orders once items are returned due to failed delivery. Although our customers enjoy Free UK Delivery, we pay for this service ourselves and are unable to repeatedly do so for customers who pose a risk of repeated returns.

Stock Availability

While every effort is made to ensure that items are delivered in a speedy manner, there are occasions where stock may be delayed or sudden popularity (due to promotions and special offers) increases demand. Delays are usually no longer than seven working days. In such cases, we will do everything in our ability to ensure that you are updated. We will normally contact you by your registered email address.

Formation Of Contract

Fulfillment of orders accepted via the BlokeToys.co.uk website remains at the discretion of BlokeToys.co.uk

BlokeToys.co.uk and any persons acting on our behalf may refuse an order for any reason. Where items become unavailable, or delayed due to stock levels, you agree that BlokeToys.co.uk cannot be held responsible. Where items may be considerably delayed or discontinued, BlokeToys.co.uk will offer a refund of the total of the order or offer a suitable alternative product after consultation with the customer.

All prices displayed on the BlokeToys.co.uk website are accurate at the time of ordering. On occasions where items may be reduced in price after an order has been placed by the customer, the price the customer has paid at the checkout will remain in effect.


All product descriptions provided on this site are for information only and do not represent a guarantee of stated, implied or assumed results.

By purchasing products from BlokeToys.co.uk you agree that we cannot be held responsible for the use, safety, effectiveness, and end results of using any product purchased from us, beyond events caused directly by breakage or faulty items.

The BlokeToys.co.uk website is supplied with no guarantee that it will be free of errors or that it will be accessible at all times. BlokeToys.co.uk cannot be held responsible for the availability, accessibility or safety of pages hosted on servers and delivery systems not directly controlled by the website operators.

The Statutory Rights of customers apply in relation to all goods and items supplied by BlokeToys.co.uk and their standard of quality and fitness for purpose.


The BlokeToys newsletter is available to all, whether they are existing customers or guests to the shop. As with all information provided to BlokeToys, the strictest measures are applied. You will not receive unwanted mail from us.

We only send out occasional emails with information on new products that we believe will interest our customers (there are three newsletters to choose from; one for gay men, one for straight men, and one for all products) and special offers that cannot be found anywhere else.

Members can remove their information from the newsletter at any time, and no further emails will be received.

We will never sell, rent or give your private information to any other company, ever.

Use of the BlokeToys.co.uk Website

In no event will BlokeToys.co.uk be held responsible for the following:

Losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when items were purchased and the contract between BlokeToys.co.uk and the customer was made.

Losses that were not caused by any breach on the part of the supplier.

Business losses and/or losses to individuals not purchasing products from BlokeToys.co.uk.

By using the BlokeToys.co.uk website you agree not to engage in any unlawful activity, restrict the freedoms, rights, and use of this website by any third party, and that you will not use any service, device of the site, or method of communication that may be offered via the site to act unlawfully or to intimidate, insult, offend or otherwise harm any individual, company or entity.

Where communication features are supplied through the BlokeToys.co.uk website (including links to external services) between customers and company representatives or other parties, such as in forums, by messaging, email or telephone, all users of such a service agree to comply with the above conditions. Failure to do so may result in the removal of membership to the feature itself, to the site as a whole, refusal to fulfill order requests, banning of users, and in extreme cases, reporting of such individuals and instances to the appropriate authorities.

At no time are such communication features to be used to exchange copyright protected material, extreme views or opinions which may cause offense, abusive or illegal content or extreme pornographic material likely to offend.

Data Protection

BlokeToys.co.uk complies with the Data Protection Act, Your information will not be sold, lent, given or otherwise supplied to any other person, identity or company unless BlokeToys.co.uk is legally required to do so and where it is not required to share such information with other parties to fulfill an order placed with us.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

The GDPR is intended to give EU citizens greater control over the information companies and entities hold about them.

BlokeToys holds limited information about customers, used solely to process orders and to allow means of contact between us and our customers.

The information we retain in a secure, encrypted database is limited to the information you supply to allow us to complete a purchase and deliver the requested item/s. This information is limited to:

Delivery name, delivery address, email address and contact phone number (if supplied during checkout).

At no time does BlokeToys have access to credit or debit card information.

In addition to personal information required to maintain an account with us and delivered purchased products, BlokeToys also has access to limited information regarding viewed products, favorites lists, and past purchases. BlokeToys uses cookies to give customers a more personal experience when returning to the site, such as remembering the content of an abandoned cart, or refreshing your memory about previously viewed products. These cookies are solely intended to provide beneficial information on return visits, and to assist in the ordering process.

BlokeToys DOES NOT use any third-party advertising networks or allow any other company or individual access to our site, our data, or your data. We do not use "retargeting" advertising methods, nor do we allow any outside party access to any user data for any kind of promotion or marketing on our behalf.

We do not sell, lend, or otherwise share any aspect of your information with any outside company or individual for any purpose other than the fulfillment of orders.

To comply with new GDPR regulation BlokeToys will delete all retained information regarding a customer upon formal request by that customer.

In addition, when a newsletter subscriber chooses to cancel their subscription to any newsletter operated by us, we delete the user's email address from the mail system.


All images and text on this website is protected by copyright law and may not be copied, downloaded, posted, republished, reproduced, broadcast or transmitted in any way except for non-commercial use, unless a written agreement has been made with a recognized representative of BlokeToys.co.uk.

Customer Service

Any complaint or inquiries regarding any of the products supplied on this site, or in relation to any existing or previous orders, should be made by logging into your personal account and sending us a message through the internal system. Alternatively, you can email directly to robbie (at) bloketoys.co.uk.

Any returns of faulty or damaged items must only be made to the below address after first sending us an email describing the problem.


PO BOX 228




Links to External Websites

Unless otherwise stated in additional conditions, BlokeToys.co.uk will not be held responsible for the accuracy, services, products or content of external websites.