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We have hundreds of great sex toys throughout the shop but our collection of masturbators is second to none. We understand that you're often on a budget, which is why we want to help you out and show you some of our great bargains.

Browse this category to discover our low-price masturbators, great for a little extra fun when you're enjoying your solo time or when you're looking for something dick-related to share with a friend.

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Oro Sucker

The Oro Sucker is a simple vibrating tunnel of masturbatory fun ready to work you up as you...


Fetish Fantasy Suck N...

Enjoy intense oral sensations with the affordable new Fetish Fantasy Suck N Stroke Penis Head...

Colt Hand Job Stroker is made of silicone and is reversible to offer a smooth side and a textured side
  • HOT!

Colt Hand Job Stroker

The stretchy and soft tunnel of silicone is reversible for more diversity in your play,...