Pleasure Brew Cream Ale Mouth Masturbator


Love Toy Pleasure Brew Cream Ale Mouth Masturbator might sound like a mouthful, but you won't be talking much when you're sliding into this incredibly textured inner tunnel of pleasure! The internal design of this masturbator is one of the most incredible for a toy in this price range and has to be experienced!



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"Lately I've really taken an interest in strange and unusual masturbators. I wouldn't call the Pleasure Brew Cream Ale Mouth Masturbator all that strange or unusual, but the packaging and style of it is interesting.

I know a few guys who can't really have strokers just laying around under the bed so something like this is definitely a bonus. It's discreet and if it's on a shelf in the garage or the shed it's pretty innocuous looking.

I'm not worried about that. All my friends know I'm a bator, my ex-girlfriend was very easygoing and adventurous. I have no need to hide my toys but for those who do this is a good option.

I'm more interested in the mouth opening and the tunnel inside this can.

You can see from the image just how intricate it is. Can you imagine sliding your wet length in there, between those lips, past the tongue and deep inside the 8 inch nubbed and ribbed sleeve? Go on, think about it. You know how that's going to feel, and I can tell you you're right lol

I got mine three days ago and I've used it five times. The first three times were quick, but the last two I really worked hard to take my time and fully enjoy it, and the pay off was big. I've already recommended this to a few of my mates and I'll probably be recommending it to a dozen more.

My only criticism, if I really work hard to find one, is that the can could be more discreet than it is. If it's shaped like a beer can why not make the label even more subtle?

Even with that, I would say it's a great toy. I'm enjoying it!" - Resident Bator Jared

Product Details

I know the name of this amazing toy resembles an Amazon spammy title, but you won't care much about that when you're sliding into this snug mouth and enjoying the incredible sensations provided by the fleshy tunnel within.

Any many who knows his masturbators understands that it's all about the internal design and how it makes contact with your flesh. One look at the detailed chamber of this stroker will tell you all you need to know.

You have to experience the intensity of this wavy, ribbed and snug tunnel for yourself. Lube up and slide past the tongue just inside the lips, delve deeper to experience the waves of pleasure as you're massaged and milked toward an incredible climax!

And the best part? This convenient toy comes in a beer can design. For the man who wants something subtle and easy to hide, while feeling incredible, this is an obvious winner.

Easy to clean, the super supple TPE material of the inner tunnel feels incredible and will last for years if you treat it right.

As always, use water based lube for a smooth feel.


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