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The Oxballs Cocksling 2 Is A Must-Have!

The very first time i experienced the Oxballs Cocksling 2 is stuck in my memory. I was at a party, the kind of party where such open enjoyment of products is considered quite normal. Experiencing toys and things with other guys was a regular occurrence at these adult male events, but I was still something of a novice.

Lubricants, strokers and penis rings were common at these gatherings of various men, but one sleek and sexy looking apparatus really caught the attention of a few guys and the new arrival who was sporting it was happy to share and explain.

James was his name. He was a handsome fella in this 30s, new to the scene but having a great time exploring. He was very much into edging and explained that he had a good collection of toys and products to explore and share the experience.

Of course I was more than eager to get to know him and he was more than happy to explain the virtues of the stretchy and shiny black rubber socket-looking thing he was wearing.

Like a lot of guys, especially back then, I suppose I kind of assumed that most men wore rings and such to help them maintain an erection. That seems to be a common myth among predominantly heterosexual men. In the gay scene products like this are just considered to be an accessory, but among straight men there's this persistent notion that they're only used by guys to "keep it up".

My new friend was very happy to prove me wrong about this notion and he insisted that he wore these rings and toys for all the benefits they offer during a good long stroking session, and during sex.

This might seem a little strange to some out there, but he allowed me to try it on and I accepted. This kind of thing is quite normal for such gatherings. After a little difficulty and some appreciated assistance from James I managed to secure the Cocksling around my manhood.

He was absolutely right about its benefits, I could tell within those first few moments. Sure, it would be great for the man who wants to maintain his erection, but I had no trouble in that regard and the Cocksling was making my member throb rigidly and thick, bobbing in the air with eager anticipation.

The way it held my testicles down with the lower ring was a very pleasant experience, too. I knew that this would help with climax and make the experience more intense.

Of course that first taste of the toy had me wanting to get my own, especially when the party was coming to an end and James proved that the toy could really help deliver an immense finish.

Why are Oxballs products so good?

For me the main features of their items, aside from the pleasure they deliver, are the masculine style and the materials they choose. While they do produce items in silicone, the TPE material they use is superior.

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPE) is a very durable elastomer that can be easily formed with heat, and it holds its shape when its in its final form. It's one of the most durable materials, commonly used to make shoes, automotive parts and for medical equipment and so on.

Its durability is matched by its flexibility, when used in thin applications such as the Oxballs Cocksling. It takes some stretching to pull apart the material but forms back into the original shape immediately, and with it hugging the skin it can apply a perfect amount of pressure and resistance.

Being skin-safe TPR is a great material to use for a product like this.

My First Oxballs Cocksling

My first lesson was that it takes time to properly handle the Cocksling. It's a very snug and stretchy toy, but it's designed to grip. You really need to stretch it to apply it.

With James showing me how to use it that first time he made it look far easier than it was on my own. With four hands and his experience he applied it and took it off in seconds.

On my own, with no experience, lots of lube already applied and only two hands, I struggled that first time.

After ten minutes of wrestling with it, and a ball-aching slip that taught me to be more cautious (and put it on before applying lube) I finally got it in place and ready to enjoy.

Once it was in place I was enjoying all the benefits James had shared with me.

I didn't last very long, I'll admit. It was still a very interesting experience and it had me hooked.

It took a few uses for me to master applying it and taking it off. Applying it while soft, or only semi-hard, was advantageous. Doing so before lube had entered the picture was also beneficial. I worked out that stretching the main rings and sliding it down my shaft, before stretching the lower ring to encompass the scrotum, was the best method. Reversing this process made taking it off far easier, too. Keeping the pubes trimmed and neat also helped.

Cocksling Benefits

I learned a lot about the Cocksling in the first few weeks of enjoying it, and I shared that with other guys at parties the same way James had done for me. I think I might have encouraged a dozen other guys to try it out for themselves in the following months.

If you need something in your collection to help you maintain an erection the Oxballs Cocksling 2 will do it, but the benefits of this product go beyond that and all men can enjoy this toy.

If you want to make the most of your pleasure, this item will help you with that.

The Cocksling does make your erection harder, thicker and more impressive. That goes without saying.

If you enjoy extended masturbation, cock edging, or long play with a partner, this product is made for you. The bulging sensation you can enjoy exposes more of your shaft to contact, it makes your helmet bulge thickly and swollen, it keeps your nuts down and presents them a little more forward, giving you more scrotum sensation.

I might not need to point this out, but for those who haven't worked it out on their own, keeping the testicles down and preventing them from pulling up to the root of the erection during climax seems to help with force of ejaculation, and the pleasure you can experience during it. Combine this with the increase in ejaculate produced by edging and you have a potent mix.

Speaking from experience, edging and the use of a toy like the Cocksling really can have you launching an extremely impressive finish.

Starting with the Cocksling

While this is about the Cocksling 2, Oxballs has released so many great products over the years and just about every one of them is worth having. I've tried numerous rings and they've all impressed me.

That first Cocksling is still in my rotation of toys to use and I enjoy it regularly. I've shared it with numerous guys over the many years I've enjoyed it and many of them have invested in their own.

The style is one thing, the pleasure enhancement another, but the durability of their products is notable. I think I've only broken two of their silicone cock rings over the years I've been enjoying their range, and even then those rings had given me years of fun before they finally snapped.

If you're seeking to maximize your pleasure and truly enjoy sex and masturbation on a new level, I would absolutely recommend trying the Oxballs Cocksling.

Once you have, please come back and leave a comment, let me know how it went!


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