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What ZOLO Cup Will Suit Your Needs?

Cup masturbators have become extremely popular in the last ten years, and it's easy to see why. These compact, affordable, discreet strokers are perfect for hiding in your secret spot and enjoying whenever you need to bust a load out. While Tenga cornered the market on the cup design a while ago, a few other companies have successfully developed their own, ZOLO is one of them.

When it comes to pricing most cup strokers are affordable for most men, and that's true of the ZOLO cups. Their masturbators are in the £22 (25.72 EUR, 27.61 USD) range. I don't know about you guys, but I spend more than that on snacks a week.

These discreet strokers have a lot of features to make them so popular, but their compact 6.25 inch size is one of the most notable. If you were passing by you might not realize what it is, but these toys are small enough to be hidden in the garage, the shed, behind a wardrobe or anywhere else. If you have a snooping relative, roommate or partner, this style of stroker is ideal for discretion.

There are seven designs in the ZOLO cup range but we currently stock six, and they happen to be the most popular.

Inside the ZOLO cups

As you'll notice from the above pic, each ZOLO cup comes with a different sensation. The ribs, valleys, ticklers and nubs within these toys are ready to provide you with some great entertainment whenever you need.

The soft silicone material is both stretchy and flexible while offering enough resistance to deliver a fulfilling experience.

Enter through a non-anatomical round entry hole and you'll soon be enjoying the tantalizing texture within the toy of your choice.

If the sleeve designs above aren't enough to tempt you then you should also know there's a vacuum hole in the base to add some sucking pleasures to your wank. Make sure you remove the plastic packaging the toy comes in to allow the free-flow of air otherwise you'll feel like you're trying to shove your dick into a closed pipe.

We can't tell you which of the above textures is right for you, but you should be able to study these sleeves and make an informed decision based on what your member likes. For instance, if you like it tight you might want to give the Backdoor a try. If you prefer a lot of sensation then the Fire cup might be the one for you.

zolo cups openings

The ZOLO cup masturbators are simple, discreet, compact, and a lot of fun to use. At the price they're available they're a great addition to your solo pleasures and you could find yourself wanting to collect the full range.

Things to Consider

Cup masturbators like the ZOLO aren't intended to last a lifetime, like some of the more expensive toys are. That doesn't mean they're disposable, either. With the right treatment and cleaning you could probably get fifty or more sessions out of your ZOLO cup. If you're looking for a masturbator that you could actually be enjoying well into retirement then the Fleshlight/Fleshjack range, or the Bangers toys, are probably closer to your expectations. They come at a higher price, but for years of service they're worth the investment.

Despite their shorter life-span, the cup strokers can last a good long while if you take some precautions. Only ever use water-based lubricants with silicone toys. If you use silicone-based lube they quickly damage the material of the sleeve. If you've ever had a silicone masturbator that became sticky, slimy, discoloured and smelly, it's probably because you didn't use water-based lube with it.

Cleaning is also important. While the ZOLO cups don't come apart like a Fleshlight you can rinse through the sleeve adequately to make sure it's clean before allowing it to try. Never leave your toy with a full load inside it, that's just icky.

And, as you can't take the fleshy sleeve out of the ZOLO cups, your girth also matters. If you're lucky enough to have a beer can cock then I would say these cup toys aren't for you and you need something that has the freedom to stretch and accommodate you. While the ZOLO cup masturbators are designed to suit most men, if you have a considerable girth, bigger than average, you should probably invest a little more and enjoy a Fleshlight or something else capable of handling your size.

So, in conclusion, while these masturbators aren't going to last you years, they are affordable enough to offer a month or two of good wanking fun.

Click here to check out the ZOLO range.

Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of the toys in this range, and if you think I've overlooked anything our readers might find useful.

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