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Is The Quickshot Turbo blue Ice The Best Fleshlight?

I get that claiming one of these toys as the best Fleshlight might be a little contentious, so I'm restricting this assertion to only the Quickshot toys. Don't come for me with your pitchforks!

Any guy who has slid his cock into a Fleshlight knows how amazing they all are, but this might be the best one yet.

Ever since the Fleshlight company delivered their first canister-style masturbator to the international market we have been hooked, I think we all agree. It's become the best-selling men's sex toy brand for a reason.

While all their products have been great in their own ways, the Fleshlight Quickshot toys are truly special, for many reasons.

The fleshlight quickshot comes in many forms

The fans agree. Over the years we've seen numerous new designs released in this range and every one of them offers something unique, and quickly develops a fan base.

After the arrival of the Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice I was quickly thinking that this might be the best one in the range so far.

What is a Quickshot?

We should probably talk about the basics, just in case you're discovering these wondrous masturbators for the first time. If so, where have you been?

Don't worry, if you already know all about these sex toys you can scroll down to the next section and you won't hurt my fee fees.

Primarily, the Quickshot toys are a more compact style, and as such they're cheaper, too.

The 4.4 inch length of these strokers makes them a little more affordable than the original larger canister toys, but they still contain all the special textures and the great proprietary Fleshlight material for you to sink your manhood into.

Another great aspect of these strokers is that they're open-ended. You have two holes to enjoy with these strokers, and that makes them a perfect option for guys who like to share their masturbator in frottage. They're also great for additional sensation during a blowjob, allowing your partner to work your tip while the Quickshot slides up and down.

Of course, the fleshy internal tunnels come in various styles and designs, each one offering a different sensation. Many men collect these toys like they would trading cards or movie character models.

Along with the original textures there are several openings to choose from. Pick from a pussy or a non-specific opening, even an alien vagina is among the range.

The inner fleshy material is enclosed in a plastic housing, with two end caps to protect whatever opening you've chosen from dust and damage.

Obviously, another benefit of the Quickshot is the smaller dimensions of this toy when compared to the original canister designs. At only 4.4 inches you can easily hide one of these strokers around the house, in the garage or shed, or even keep it in the car. It's also great for travel, so if you're heading out for a wild weekend with some friends you could stuff this in your bag.

So now you know the basics about the Quickshot range, what makes me think the Turbo Blue Ice could be the best Fleshlight in this collection?

The Fleshlight Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice

Along with all the design benefits listed above, the Quickshot Turbo Blue Ice has something else that really sets this apart, and I think it's underestimated by those giving this toy a cursory look.

Fleshlight calls it the “Suspended Entry Ring System”, and while that sounds like something that might go under a car, it's actually a great feature for a sex toy.

On each side of the Quickshot Turbo you'll find a raised ring of fleshy silicone material in cool translucent blue, raised above the original round opening of the masturbator's main tunnel. This first opening is kind of suspended over the entry point, and as you slip in it hugs your shaft. The best way to describe is like having a forefinger and thumb around your cock while the sleeve works the rest.

This ring is on both sides, so when you slide all the way through and enjoy the incredible textures in the tunnel your cock head will pop out of the other side and meet the second ring, ready to play with your wet tip.

In all, this leads to three regions of contact between your dick and the toy, with the gaps between highlighting the sensations.

Inside The Sleeve

Fans of the brand know that every Fleshlight has a new design within the fleshy interior, and the Turbo Blue Ice has its own pleasure capabilities, too.

You'll find three different areas of texture inside the main canister itself.

Once you've pushed through the first suspended entry ring you'll slip inside the round opening and enjoy raised and angled shapes giving you some great resistance to push your tip through.

Breaching those you'll find yourself enjoying the delights of the main chamber, which in this case has a snug but soft spiral design that almost rotates around your tender helmet.

If you can last through that you'll push out of the other side with ease as the angled shapes go in the other direction.

On reaching freedom on the opposite end you'll then encounter the second raised ring, making contact with your already hyper-sensitive tip, giving you a little more to push through as it slides over your helmet.

So Is It The Best Fleshlight?

No doubt it's down to the end user and your experience might be different to mine, but after enjoying so many sex toys over the years, even going back to the first Fleshlights to ever be released, I think this is the best Fleshlight in the Quickshot range of toys.

While the Suspended Entry Ring System looks simple, and some might think it's just a gimmick, the way the first ring grips your cock and the second ring plays with your damp end on the other side really adds to the sensations you can experience.

Giving the Turbo some twists around your length while you're inside it also generates some incredible sensations, so I recommend giving that a try.

While the name Quickshot might lead you to think this toy is just for fast relief, I can say from experience that if you can take it slow and last a while you'll be rewarded. This is a great toy for long sessions of stroking and edging.

Are There Negatives?

I'm not ashamed to admit I have an average girth, so I fit very comfortably inside the Quickshot toys. However, those with considerably thicker cocks might have to choose something else, or use their Quickshot without the plastic housing.

Anything above a 5.5 inch (14cm) circumference means you might be limited in how you can enjoy your toy. You can still take the fleshy material out of the plastic casing and enjoy it on its own, but I would recommend measuring before you buy if you think your dick is thicker than most.

So what do you think about the Turbo Blue Ice? Am I stupid for thinking it's the best Fleshlight in this range or have you tried it an agree? Leave a comment below.


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