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The fourth anthology of bator stories in the extremely popular Book Of Bate series has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme of friendship and male masturbation. Read full description for delivery details.



The fourth Book Of Bate includes TEN original stories of male masturbation between friends, colleagues, strangers, teammates and more!



Stephen is the shy type, but his teammates are anything but. While on a training excursion with the rest of the rowing team he's soon lured from his prudishness by his horny, hung and hard-dicked athletic friends and even their horny young coach! With his dick raging and desperate for release he's soon experiencing the pleasure and fun of shared strokes and cock frotting with his equally boned-up teammates.


Aaron and Tommy have been working hard on the farm. The sweltering heat eventually sends them to the shed, eager to take a break in the shade. With the discovery of porn magazines left behind by trespassing boys the two buddies are soon making full use of their time in the shade, freeing their rampant erections from their sweaty denim and sliding their hands along their meat to share in the bliss of climactic release!


Travis is shocked when he discovers his small town listed on cruising websites, advertised as a great place for masturbators to visit and share their penis play with other men. Landowner Billy is far from shocked when Travis calls him about this "problem". He's adamant that Travis leave them be, and extends an invitation to come and check out the woods and river on his land where men arrive from all over to rub dongs and splash splooge.


Agents Harris and Cline are several days into a stakeout at a motel, spying on another room and the criminal inhabitant via a discreetly positioned camera. Of all the things they hoped to catch, their suspect sharing cock strokes with a visiting friend wasn't one of them. While Harris might be reluctant to observe his colleague Cline is far more intrigued, and far less reluctant to free his own stiff penis while they watch and listen to the porn movie their suspect is watching.


When a new neighbor moves into his building their first interactions are less than ideal, but as the two men get to know each other it soon becomes one of the best friendships either of them has ever had. Sharing porn and stroking each other's slick and hard lengths.


Home from his night shift and horny as hell he has a quick shower and puts on some porn to enjoy his cock and satisfy his needs. It's the most inopportune time for a door-to-door salesman to arrive. Angry at the imposition he's ready to kick the young man's arse, until he sees an opportunity. Wearing just a towel and with his big muscle dick wet and rigid he invites the desperate young salesman in, where he agrees to help him out and sign up for the deal, as long as he gets something in return.


Rick is in training to take his post as a Park Ranger but he's got a little more to experience with Ranger Dan before he can go through his final test. Unlike the kind of training most others might offer, Dan is prepared to tell his young trainee everything, including showing him the local spot in the woods where bators gather to share their dripping dongs in mutual jacking and circle jerks!


All rugby teams have their little traditions. Sometimes it's as simple as the worst player buying the drinks at the pub or the MVP being responsible for a movie night at their place, but for this team things are far more exciting. With the guys celebrating a win and one of the players being caught wanking off at the urinals the guys are soon starting a new tradition, rubbing their dongs and celebrating their wins with a big group cum splashing party in the showers!


Young Seb is looking forward to his date but when he picks up the house phone to call her he interrupts his step-dad and his old college buddy deep in conversation. He almost hangs up before they start talking about him, bit his intrigue keeps him on the line and he discovers more about his step-dad and his college buddy than he ever expected!


Tony and Chrissy have just moved into their new place. While neighbors have been welcoming them the best is yet to come. Former owner Aaron and his wife only moved across town and he's soon back to collect a few things he left behind in the basement. The young man isn't shy about his secret stash of magazines and toys, and after giving Tony permission to enjoy them before returning the next day with his truck he indulges in a quick stroke. It's nothing compared to the fun his new friend entices him into the following day when Aaron returns to collect his porn.

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