Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager
  • Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager
  • Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager
  • Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager

Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager


Nexus Revo 2 with vibrating prostate pleasure when you need it - get that amazing prostate climax today with the Revo!



The Nexus Revo 2 Prostate Massager is one serious piece of kit for the men out there who know what their prostate gland is capable of doing!

This mens sex toy is at the top of its game, providing some incredible sensations for the men who know how to reach the kind of climax the art of prostate play can produce.

Designed to be the ultimate sex toy in the best selling Nexus collection, the Revo 2 has everything a guy could want when it comes to reaching that incredible pleasure so many millions of men around the world have been experiencing in private for centuries.

The head of the toy is perhaps the most special thing about it. The flexible silicone outer surface hides an independent rotating massager in the end, making this mens sex toy completely original. The bulbous shape of the head meets your prostate gland and delivers the ultimate massaging sensations right where you need it.

In addition to this remarkable alteration on their already amazing designs, it also supplies intense massaging pleasure directly to the perineum region behind your balls with its nubbed arm. Couple those two aspects with the powerful vibrating action this mens sex toy delivers and you have an action-packed product that is truly able to deliver the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced!

The evolution of the Nexus products has been taken a step further with this remarkable release, combining all these amazing features with a rechargable cell. Forget the batteries, this little thing just hooks up to a USB cable and can be charged from your PC or Mac, with each charge giving the user up to four hours of intense pleasure.

Expertly designed, durable, easy to clean and incredibly pleasurable, the Nexus Revo 2 could be the last mens sex toy you ever buy.

About Prostate Massage

Let us take this opportunity to explain to you why the Nexus Prostate Massagers are so special and what you can expect with a little practice.

The Prostate Gland is generally considered to be the epicentre of the male climax. It is responsible for a lot of the pleasure experienced during a traditional climax.

For centuries the Prostate has been pleasured through direct stimulation, but this had gone out of fashion in the western world due to stigma and somewhat Victorian attitudes to male sexuality.

The act of prostate massage became a specialised field, with men often experiencing it through visiting a sensual massage therapist or sex worker.

But, in recent years, the popularity of prostate massage has once again risen, with several companies arriving to create products for men to use at home, and at their leisure. Many millions of men around the world now use personal prostate massagers like the Nexus Revo to directly focus on their prostate gland during sex and masturbation to enhance the pleasure experienced and the intensity of the climax achieved.

Prostate massage with a mens sex toy like those in the Nexus range doesn't only make the traditional climax more enjoyable, but many men also experience a completely different form of pleasure.

This prostate climax is often many times more intense than the commonly experienced climax, it's longer lasting, and can be repeated many times before ejaculation occurs.

Many men also experience an increased ejaculation too, with greater force and volume than previously experienced through stimulation of the penis.


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Double vibration points
USB Charging
0.78 kg

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