Hi, I'm Jared and I'm the Resident Bator here at BlokeToys.

You might be wondering what that means.

I'll get to that in a second, but first I think I need to give you some basics. That's what people do in these bio pages, right? I've never written one before so wish me luck.

I'm 34. I'm single and I live in Sunny London. I work in business management consultancy and marketing. I enjoy Yoga, cycling, the gym, football, 90s music and cinema, DIY and outdoor pursuits. I have a black Lab named Cal and a perpetually annoyed cat named Mr. Katz.

As there is no real way for someone to become a "professional masturbator" (even though I would love to go to University for such a degree) I am what you might call a highly experienced onanist.

I thought I was like every other guy, right up until my first flatmate saw my toy collection and was surprised by my willingness to share it.

It turned out most guys don't have 40 masturbators, 20 different types of lube, just as many cock rings and a healthy habit of twice-daily wanks (sometimes more).

I'm a proud masturbator. I enjoy it immensely. It doesn't mean I bypass intimacy, relationships or just rampant fun with others. I just really enjoy my penis and exploring ways to experience great pleasure. It's something I'm absolutely not ashamed of and I firmly believe (pun intended) that most men don't explore their solo sexuality as much as they should, and they don't talk about it between them as much as they should either.

So why am I here?

I started out as a customer back in 2020, at the height of the "bad times" when everyone was sitting at home, wiping down their shopping with antibacterials and desperately looking for new ways to fill their days. I was looking for something new to try and noticed a couple of errors on a product page for an item I was already intimately familiar with, so I got in touch with BlokeToys to let them know. After an email discussion back and forth my specialized interest in all things masturbation led to me offering my services as a reviewer/writer/consultant.

And now here we are! I'm the guy who loves to lube it up, to wank it, to stick it in all manner of fleshy sleeves and plump pussies. I'm the guy who will tell you what I think of strokers, cock rings, lubricants and more, what their best features are and why I would recommend it, or not. I already have a list of subjects for posts on the blog and I'll be getting "first crack" at some new products in the future.

Obviously my main mission is to help sell products, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to tell you the truth about a product if I think it's limited in use, not as durable as I would expect or not suited to all men.

I hope my input is helpful!

See you around these parts.