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The second anthology of bator stories in the Book Of Bate series has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme of friendship and male masturbation, not available anywhere else. Read full description for delivery details. You can find the first Book Of Bate by clicking here.

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The second Book Of Bate includes TEN original stories of male friendship and shared masturbation.

While several were previously published exclusively via the BuddyBate Patreon account (no longer in operation) these have also been extended along with an exclusive, never before seen story.



Back from college for just a few days while his parents are out of town Billy is determined to enjoy himself and relax with some good classic porn. Little does he know one of dad's good buddies has been asked to stop by and check he's not throwing any parties. Caught in the act Billy soon discovers his dad and his buddy are more than familiar with the bator lifestyle.


Danny can't help it, with the house to himself he snoops around his father-in-law's study, discovering the man's porn magazines and a Fleshlight in the desk drawer. He might have thought more about getting his manhood out and enjoying the magazines if he'd noticed the camera in the corner of the ceiling, streaming a live broadcast to the victim of his transgression.


Alex heads out of his room to retrieve his lube from the bathroom. The guys are always using his shower get and lube but he just keeps forgetting to take it back to his room. The frat house seems quiet, it usually is so late at night on a weekday, he certainly wasn't expecting to walk right into Dylan in the bathroom doorway, wearing nothing but his bulging onesie and holding Alex's tub of lube with his own plans to use it.


Things usually get a little crazy when all the guys get together. It starts out as one of those normal nights with gaming, beers and snacks, but when one of the guys emerges from the kitchen with his proud dick like a shelf carrying several Skittles a series of new games are born. Who will win? And does it really matter when their games are this fun even if you loose?


Everyone hates the boss' wife and they always argue over who's gonna deliver when that address pops up. Tim is definitely relieved to discover his boss is at home alone for the night, but he's surprised to discover just how the man is using his alone time. With an invitation to finish work and hang out Tim is enticed by the threesome on the screen and soon takes his place on the couch.


Ricky is the kind of boss no one likes, he's an arrogant guy who thinks he can throw his weight around, but it seems there's another side of his character. It comes out when porn magazines are discovered on the old building site and he catches one of his brickies getting ready to rub one out.


Paul can't understand why Dimitri always makes excuses to avoid going for a run with him, several times he's seen him out there in the early morning after making another excuse as to why they can't run together. He discovers the truth one morning when Paul spies him heading into the woods. Following him to a clearing he learns that Dimitri's mornings aren't just for running.


Jack and Tim are glad to be hanging out again, it's been tough to find time to stay in touch since they wrapped on the movie. They get to spend three days together in London talking to the press, but the slight back strain Tim suffers on the first day threatens to put a damper on things. Thankfully Jack knows a great masseur he planned to call up anyway, and Tim will see his friend in a whole new light.


Four nights a week he stops at the small train station on his way home, ready to switch for the last short stint of the journey. The old toilets offer a good opportunity to rub one out before getting back to his wife. There's usually no one else around, which is why he's so surprised when the door opens and a young man walks confidently up to the urinals beside him. He knows it's too late to hide what he's handling, but the arrival doesn't seem to mind.


Jake wasn't excited about taking on the project when his firm bought out a UK sex toy company, but here he was across the Atlantic taking a tour around the facility by happy guy Mike, the factory foreman. Perhaps he became numb to the sight of fake pussies and dildos by the time they got to the rejects room, but he certainly wasn't numbed to the offer Mike presented of sliding into a toy and experiencing what they make up-close.

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I'm converted

The last time I read a book was probably ten years ago. Not a big reader here. Decided to try this and you got me hooked. Just ordered BOB 1 after reading all these stories in a week. Got me so worked up! Looking forward to the next one already.


    My new bedtime read

    My wife always reads her sexy books before bed so I started doing it too. These books are my favorites so far. I wait until she's dozed off and then I have to go jack off! They're so good. I never did anything like these characters do but I get so horny it's the best way to finish the day. Read the first one 3 times. Half way through this one. Really looking forward to the next :)

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    Great bator stories!

    Awesome stories. The first book was great but this one is better. The Skittles Joust story is so good I want friends like that lol


      Can't get enough!

      I loved the first book but I got the second last week and finished it already. I LOVE these stories so much. Acquisition is my fave so far. I've read the first book twice and I think it's time for a re-read. Cannot wait for the next one!

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        BOOK OF BATE VOL. 2

        BOOK OF BATE VOL. 2

        The second anthology of bator stories in the Book Of Bate series has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme of friendship and male masturbation, not available anywhere else. Read full description for delivery details. You can find the first Book Of Bate by clicking here.