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The very first anthology of bator stories has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme of friendship and male masturbation, not available anywhere else. Read full description for delivery details.

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The first Book Of Bate includes TEN original stories of male friendship and shared masturbation.

While several were previously published exclusively via the BuddyBate Patreon account (no longer in operation) these have also been extended along with an exclusive, never before seen story.



Paul can’t help but stare at the huge member of new player Ben when he first notices his swinging length in the team showers. He’s sure it wasn’t the sight of it that made his own rod stiffen, but his excuses are unlikely to work when Ben finds him later and asks if he want’s to play with it.


Adam’s new professional career requires that he look the part. Visiting a recommended tailor becomes far more exciting than he could have imagined when Luka suggests special underwear for his generously proportioned manhood. First he needs to deal with that stubborn erection!


Lucas finally discovers the truth about Hand Job Harry. The rumors about his neighbor have always been joked about among his friends, but exhibitionist bator Ryker is soon inviting him to visit Harry’s place and experience what it’s like to enjoy some strokes with a talented man.


He didn’t become a police officer to patrol the public toilets and monitor activities at the newly created glory holes around town, but with the pandemic finally over the cruising scene has bounced back with a vengeance. Ever the professional he decides it would be best to conduct some off-duty surveillance of one such locale, soon encountering a large dripping member through a cubicle wall.


He never enjoyed Thanksgiving, so getting the chance to avoid the family chaos and put in some early hours at the shop was a no-brainer. Thankfully the subway is mostly empty, except for the jogger who arrives to sit across from him in loose shorts, showing off his heavy sack and quickly swelling length hanging through a baggy leg hole.


Tradition dictates that when a Fraternity brother betrays the sporting history of the house by engaging in wrestling instead of baseball he must suffer the humiliating punishment. The historical record makes the ritual clear;one by one the gathered brothers shall deliver their fertile juices to the ceremonial jock strap and the betrayer of the sportsmanlike history of the house shall wear the sodden strap and run laps of the Fraternity house until the brothers are satisfied.


After wearing his BuddyBate T-Shirt to the gym for months it had become automatic, he’d almost forgotten about its meaning or intent by the time an acquaintance at the pub unexpectedly mentioned it. He knew that none of his close friends would recognize the meaning of the discreet design, but it soon became clear that friend-of-a-friend Danny was more than familiar.


When Louis and Jim discover the large duffel bag of porn magazines in the dilapidated shed on their client’s property the landscaping duo are soon enjoying their lunch breaks far more than they intended to. With erections revealed for stroking in the sun the friends trade stories of their experiences while they fertilize the lawn with their splashing seed.


He’s a true artist, his erotic photography featuring anonymous sportsmen and celebrities enjoying their masturbatory pleasures has gained him a global audience of admirers. His new show, however, will cement his place in history. In a dimly lit room the installation invites attendees to anonymously participate. Joining the circle of shadows around the light box the members deliver their ejaculations together, the live stream displayed to guests in an adjoining room as a new series of images is created.


Being out on exercise can be tough, but it also gives the men a chance to deal with their needs without a crowd in the showers or someone pounding on a cubicle door. Being in teams of two can make it awkward, but with a shameless man like Jackson willing to haul out his meat and offer to swap strokes with a buddy it becomes a whole lot more fun.

NOTE: This publication is an ebook delivered in digital format (.pdf) via the website. When you have placed an order you will receive an email which includes a link to the download page and a password to access this page. Once received, please download your file immediately as the password will be changed routinely.

While access is usually provided within minutes this is a manual process, please allow some time to receive your download link.




I've never been interested in stories and prefer to read real experiences but I just finished the Book of Bate in just over a week and I can't wait for the next one!


    Best read

    Love a good bate story. Read this on the subway to and from work. Gets me nice and horny all day long.
    Great stories about mutual masturbation. Brilliant read!


      The best bator stories

      I always loved bator stories but they're hard to find, most erotic writers go all the way to oral and anal and that's not what I'm into. The first Book Of Bate gives me exactly what I need; amazing stories of male friendship and masturbation between guys. I've been looking for stories like these for years and I'm so glad Brad is delivering them. I haven't finished this one yet but I'm already looking forward to the second anthology. I would recommend, even if you're not much of a reader, Brad really builds scenes of male pleasure and friendship that shouldn't be missed.


        Bedtime reading

        Stories like this are hard to find and getting ten together in a collection is a dream come true for a book worm and bator like me. I wish there was a physical copy to buy though.


          Great stories!

          I really enjoyed the Patreon when it existed and although I have read a couple of these stories there I've been surprised by some of the changes and what I had forgotten. Just started the Gallery Show story and it might be one of the best yet!

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            BOOK OF BATE VOL. 1

            BOOK OF BATE VOL. 1

            The very first anthology of bator stories has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme of friendship and male masturbation, not available anywhere else. Read full description for delivery details.