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The BuddyBate community is a global collective of men interested in the art of masturbation.

In existence for more than a decade, BuddyBate is a website offering information, discussion and promotion of healthy encounters relating to male masturbation for men around the world regardless of sexual identity. With hundreds of thousands of readers interested in sharing their experiences and enjoyment, the community site encourages participation and exploration, publishes experiences from members and great fiction relating to the act of self pleasure: shared.

BlokeToys is happy to help them spread the word with their merchandise, allowing members of the community to subtly display their interest to local baters through the display of a unique logo on badges, stickers, t-shirts, gym wear and more.

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BB Bro T-Shirt
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BuddyBate Bro T-Shirt

Display your community credentials with the brand new BuddyBate Bro T-shirt! Perfect for the...


BuddyBate Bold T-Shirt

Display your community credentials with the brand new BuddyBate Bold T-shirt, displaying the...


BuddyBate Badge X 2

Subtly display your interest in friendly encounters with other guys with the BuddyBate Button...



The very first anthology of bator stories has arrived! Read TEN exclusive tales in the theme...



Good friends Harry and Dave are seeking a new fishing spot for weekends with their buddies,...


BuddyBate Flash Drive

Ever get to a meetup with a buddy or a group of guys and wish you had that awesome movie you...