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Top 5 Best Lubes For Solo Masturbation

We all do it, many of us are proud of it, plenty of us enjoy extra things to make it even more interesting and pleasurable. I’m of course talking about wanking.

It’s every man’s favourite hobby, so why not make the most of your solo time and get that perfect stroke experience? To do this you need some essentials… first you need privacy, then you need inspiration, and finally you need a good lube to get that extra close slippery pleasure.

So, what’s the best lube for wanking?

It all depends on your personal tastes, but we’re choosing to focus on what we here at BlokeToys think are the best options for you. Forget sticking to main brands and putting up with the sticky mess you’re used to, there are some great lubes out there perfect for some solo masturbation and we encourage you to try them out.

Stroke 29 (Oil based)

Yeah, we’ve promoted the crap out of this product over the last few years, but it’s still one of the best lubes for wanking we’ve ever found. Trust me when I say we’ve had plenty of experience testing out all kinds of lubes here and we know our stuff, Stroke 29 is a creamy and slick lube that really does give you that extra close sensation we’re all looking for in a good wank session. It starts off as a thick white cream and reacts to your body heat and friction to become a slick and clear oil on your skin, giving you a great feel with no resistance at all. It might need a little reapplication, but a little goes a long way. Give it a go and get back to us.

Liquid Silk (Water based)

Although not a new lube on the block Liquid Silk is a tried and tested personal lubricant used by thousands of men in the UK for giving them that smooth and delicious sensation. Famous for its milky appearance and long lasting slipperiness Liquid Silk is one of the most popular lubes we’ve ever stocked and is actually used by several studios to replicate semen in their movies. That might not be what you’re looking for in a lube, but don’t let that stop you from trying it.

Gun Oil Force Recon (Silicone based)

New to the BlokeToys shop, Force Recon by Gun Oil is one of the best wanking lubes we’ve found over the last year. This gel substance goes on thick and smooth and stays put, making almost no mess at all and giving you a great skin-on-skin sensation as you slide your hand along. It’s great for edging and hand jobs. The Gun Oil range has something for all uses, but this one is specifically for wanking. Give it a go and see what you think of it, we’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

Bust It Nut Butter (Silicone based)

One of the more popular lubricants for hands-on action, Bust it Nut Butter is significantly underrated, but should be on every man’s list of great slick lubes for long sessions of boner stroking. The milky white cream does a great job of keeping things moving and lasts a good while too, with it’s appearance one of the best things about it. It actually does look like semen.

Elbow Grease (Water based)

When it comes to versatile lubricants for all kinds of fun you can’t go wrong with Elbow Grease gel. This thick lubricant was developed in the 80’s for use with condoms while being long lasting, and it’s definitely lived up to the hype with its long legacy. It’s a pretty tidy lube too and won’t get absolutely everywhere. It might not be specifically designed for masturbation but Elbow Grease is definitely one for the list.

It’s important to note that we’re talking about the best lube for wanking here and not sex. You should only use a condom safe lube for sex with a partner and only use water based products with silicone toys. Always read the label on any new product to make sure you’re using it appropriately.

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