British muscle God Joshua Armstrong is renowned for his impressive physique as much as he's known for his verbal and inspiring personal videos. He's a performer, a great one too, he knows how to interact with his fans and deliver what they want to see. Through his own website Joshua delivers new videos every week, themed and styled to meet the needs of his adoring (and ever growing) fan base.

A couple of months ago we got in touch with the handsome and buff muscle man and asked him if he wanted to enjoy some products on camera, and of course within days we were sending him a few goodies to check out.

One of those was Gun Oil Force Recon, a slippery lube great for versatile fun. He certainly enjoyed that, and within short time we noticed in one of his videos that his supply was almost out. It's a long lasting lube, but clearly Joshua has more to cover, and he does enjoy his stroking!
It goes without saying that we wanted to prolong his solo fun and assist in his smooth and slick shows, so we sent him some more.

Our handsome muscle hunk has just released a new video on his site, this time enjoying some excellent Stroke 29, one of our best selling lubricants for solo pleasure.

This excellent formula from Gun Oil (a brand of the Empowered Products company) starts life as a thick white cream out of the tube, but in contact with the body it quickly warms up and transforms into a clear and super slick lubricant - hence the name Stroke 29, it usually takes about 29 strokes for the cream to become a fully fluid substance providing that intensely close sensation.

Why is this good? Not only does the formula allow Stroke 29 to stay in place more effectively and avoid dripping and mess, it also creates a slick oily sheen, which in turn gives you one of the closest skin-on-skin sensations you could hope to experience.

With added Vitamin E in the mix it finishes you off nicely, leaving your manhood feeling silky smooth and fresh. It's easy to wash off and leaves no sticky or tacky residue either.

Stroke 29 is one of our favourite lubricants, and Joshua Armstrong is definitely one of our favourite men. Together they make an excellent combination.

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