We love lubricants here at BlokeToys, but while many men in the UK might not tend to use them as much as our American peers we're hoping to change that and show guys why lubricants are so good and worth trying.

One of the best, whether you're new to lubricants or just ready to explore and alternative to what you're used to, is Liquid Silk.

We've been supplying this great lubricant to men across the UK and Europe since we first opened, and in that time we've encouraged many thousands of customers to start enjoying lubricants as a matter of course, heightening their pleasure and waking them up to the close and slick pleasure a good lube can provide.

So, what makes Liquid Silk so special?

Unlike a lot of other lubricants, Liquid Silk can be used for everything from massage to masturbation to intercourse. It's water-based, so it's safe for use with toys, condoms and other products.

It's long lasting, giving you a great close feel for longer, with only occasional reapplication needed for a long session.

Liquid Silk is available in two sizes, with a smaller 50ml or a bigger 250ml, the latter coming equipped with a great pump dispenser for easy and clean use.

The formula is super slippery, creamy and incredibly high quality. It's not sticky or tacky and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth after use. There's no residue left behind either, a common problem experienced when using many other famous brands available.

The pleasure is the real highlight when it comes to enjoying lubricant. As mentioned, many men in the UK rarely, if ever, use lubricant for masturbation. They're missing out.

Getting a closer slippery feel allows for far more pleasure to be experienced, giving you more direct skin-on-skin contact.

If you're new to lubricants or seeking to expand your existing range, we would highly recommend trying Liquid Silk. It's a great product, recommended by many customers who come back to it again and again.