When you're browsing for a new masturbator you might not think much about how flexible it is, you're probably more interested in the texture within it and the practicality and price. That's understandable, most men don't know what Silicone is, let alone TPE. I mean, we know that silicone is a stretchy product used a lot in sex toys, but what exactly is TPE and how is it different to silicone?

Silicone actually comes in a wide array of forms, able to be used in all kinds of industries. It can be moulded to a specific shape and retains that shape pretty well. If you've enjoyed a masturbator before then you've probably felt the soft and fleshy material for yourself.

Some silicone products are super soft, almost like jelly. Some of the most affordable masturbators are made from this often clear material and while they can offer great pleasure they're not really designed to last for years and rarely retain their shape when in use. A simple "jelly" sleeve with ribs on the inside will likely become a smooth tunnel the moment you slide in and stretch it out.

Then there's the kind of silicone used in more expensive toys like realistic vaginas and products like the Fleshlight/Fleshjack. These are higher quality and have a greater weight to them, they have more firmness to their form and can hold their shape more effectively when in use.

Then there's TPE.

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomers, sometimes called Thermoplastic Rubber. It's a composite material usually combining the properties of Plastic and Rubber. It's affordable, versatile, easily mouldable and can be used in a variety of processes and products.

When used in masturbators it behaves quite differently to silicone.

While remaining flexible and easy to stretch, TPE retains a lot more detail while doing so.

The sensations you can experience from a TPE masturbator are quite different to those of a silicone or "jelly" masturbator. Depending on the design, your TPE stroker is more likely to be able to maintain that internal structure as you use it.

To put it simply, while the ribs inside a jelly masturbator will likely vanish when you ease in and stretch it out, the ribs inside a TPE masturbator will not disappear when you use it and the sensation of this texture against your shaft is more pronounced.

As for which material you should use, it really depends what you are seeking. If you want a product which more closely resembles flesh then a silicone toy might be the option for you. However, if you're more interested in the pleasure of a texture within a stroker, something with a little more firmness like a TPE masturbator would probably serve you better.

Either way, every masturbator offers something new when it comes to pleasure, why not enjoy a varied diet?