BlokeToys is proud to supply BuddyBate community members with unique items to help them display their enjoyment and seek other local members for friendship and fun. Browse the range below to find Stickers, Buttons, Lapel Pins, T-Shirts and more in both Discreet and Bold variations, all delivered discreetly of course.


  • BuddyBate Bold

    BuddyBate Bold merch displays the round BuddyBate community logo as it's publicly recognized, symbolizing two helmets coming together in frotting bliss. If you're seeking the DISCREET design not publicly published please click here.

  • BuddyBate Discreet

    The BuddyBate discreet merch features a variation of the original round community logo, a design not publicly used to allow men to display their merch more discreetly for those in-the-know to notice. Perfect for the gym, at work, at the bar with friends or just for everyday display. You never know who might be in the secret club! If you're looking for the BuddyBate Bold designs which feature the community logo without adjustment please click here.

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