Top Ten Wanking Tips

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Top Ten Wanking Tips

Top Ten Wanking Tips

By Conran Thomas

Here at BlokeToys we believe that there is nothing wrong with enjoying your manhood, even if you do have someone to share it with on a regular basis. Sometimes they might not be interested, and at times when your other half is being an asshole, maybe you'll take care of things yourself? After a little checking with the BlokeToys boys, it seems that all the guys enjoy almost a daily wank, whether they're in a relationship or not.

So we've gathered together some of the hottest wanking tips from the guys to share with you. Some of them you might know, others might be completely new to you. But whether you think your a wanking pro or maybe have something to learn, you'll definitely have some more fun using these methods!


10. The Hand Of A Stranger

This is probably one of the most legendary wanking tips out there. And it's possibly one of the most ineffective too. It's simple really, you just sit on your hand until it goes a little numb, and then use it to beat off. The problem is, it doesn't feel like someone else, unless that someone else happens to be freshly deceased. I guess it's great for necrophiliacs who don't have access to a morgue though.

All the BlokeToys boys seem to agree, it's crap, don't bother.


09. The Slippery Bag

This one could be a little messy. Apparently, you just get a plastic bag (no bin bag jokes please! You're not that big) and get some Vaseline in it. Put the bag over your cock and sandwich it between the mattress and base of our bed, or a seat cushion, and hump it to heaven. It's fun, kind of. But we have to ask, why a bag? This seems to be the basis for a much more effective method, coming next - and no, none of us tried the Vaseline in a bag method, we have better things to do with our dicks.


08. As Above But Better

We don't think there is any name for this one, but it's based on the one above and is far more effective. Replace the bag with a condom, roll it out, drop a golf ball in it and lube it up with water based lube on the inside, then roll it tightly inside a towel so the golf ball is outside one end and the opening of the condom at the other. Open up the end of the condom and stretch it out over the end of the rolled up towel. If you've done it right (no, we don't have a diagram, we're not that creative) you should now have a rolled towel with a slippery condom tunnel running through it. Place it under the mattress or a seat cushion and slide in.

Yeah, it takes a little work, and all of us here know that you could do all of this far easier with one of our toys. So just buy something instead!

Incidentally, it's the thrusting motion that seems to be the biggest pleasure builder with this method. It seems all the BlokeToys boys agree that thrusting into something adds a lot of pleasure, we just don't know why. Maybe it's instinct?


07. The Ball Ringer

This is another method that could be done far more effectively by buying something for the purpose. But if you're too cheap to even buy a cock ring, use our free hand to grip the base of your nuts when you're stroking it. This is especially beneficial when you're about to cum. Many men have their balls pull up tight when wanking, but holding them down away from the body (as a figure eight cock ring would) seems to increase the pleasure and often the cum load too.


06. The Helmet Polisher

This is one for all the uncut guys (and I guess cut guys can have fun with it too). Slick up with lube and focus entirely on the head of your dick. This can be really intense for uncut guys, but the rewards are incredible. Take your time and hold on tight. 


05. The Frenulum Rub

This is another really intense wanking tip, and one that you need a lot of stamina and patience with. But believe us when we say it pays off big time! Find the frenulum and focus on that (if you don't know what you're frenulum is, is the small space where your foreskin meets your helmet on the underside, there should be a small strip of flesh there). Make sure you're more slippery than the average politician and focus all your attention on that one little spot. You might feel some heat, in which case slow down a little. But keep at it and take your time and you'll get a big pay off at the end!


04. The Strangler

This is another one of the tips that would probably be more effective with just a basic cock ring (or one that's absolutely top of the line!) Grip the base of your cock with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and get your cock rock solid. Stroke with the slicked up other hand and take your time. The bulging of your meat makes the entire thing more intense and even the slightest stroke can get you off in no time at all. Warning - don't hold it too tight, or for extended periods of time, you don't want to rip your cock off!


03. The Tickler

This is another method that might take some time ad patience, and it also works well with a cock ring too. Slick up and get all wet with lube, then just spend the entire time tickling your erection with the tips of your fingers. This takes a lot of self control, because most of you horny guys will just want to grab it and stroke. But don't!


02. The Prostate Wank

This is one for all the guys who have done everything else with their dick and want to move on to the "professional" level! You don't get any awards and there are no international competitions that we're aware of, but professional wankers can be sure of achieving greatness in their own minds at least. Prostate massage can deliver some truly mind altering climaxes, but it can take a little practice and a good toy. We have a lot of them to help get you there, and all the BlokeToys boys who have attempted it now agree that it's part of their routine quite often. We know prostate massage is not for all of you, but lets just say that a lot of guys are missing out on some real action!


01. The Edge

No, we're not suggesting you have a member of U2 jerk you off (although I'm sure a lot of you wouldn't say no) we're talking about the art of edging your cock.

Admittedly this is more of a technique than a wanking tip, but it is without a doubt the most popular method to increase the pleasure and your load too. Quite simply, do what Frankie tells you and relax, don't do it, when you want to cum. This requires a LOT of self control and restraint - in fact if you have a friend to help you, you can actually use restraints! Just get yourself right to the edge, using any means you like, and then stop, take a moment or two, then get back into it. The again, when you get close, stop. Do this for as long as possible and the climax you'll get at the end when you finally cannot possibly take any more will be explosive, in more ways than one!


So there you have it, some of the top wanking tips we have collected from the BlokeToys boys. Enjoy yourself, and feel free to share your own experiences when you've given these things a try! 



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