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Dildos have come a long way over the last couple of decades. I remember when it was considered impossible to make a dildo with an actual operational foreskin, but developments in manufacturing and some great advances in the materials used to make these great toys has made it more than just possible, they’re also pretty convincing!

Several companies have tried (and failed) over the years, but both California Exotic and PipeDream have managed to develop some of the best uncut dildos you’re ever likely to experience.

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Uncut Emperor by California Exotic

This smooth and sleek 7.25 inch dildo is available in both light skin tone and darker tan too. It’s a perfectly formed length of manhood with prominent round balls and a suction cup at the base. The foreskin at the tip is a little thicker than you might expect in comparison to the real thing, and it doesn’t slide back as a real foreskin would. You can, however, slide a finger (or a tongue) underneath the hood for a realistic experience. As you can see from the photos, the foreskin doesn’t completely cover the tip of the dildo, which is something I think the California Exotic company could work on for future incarnations of this design. VIEW.

King Cock Uncut Dildos

Currently available in 9 inch and 6 inch versions, these incredibly realistic toys have far more detail than the offering above. With thick shafts rising from flat suction cup bases, these uncut cock dildos also have retractable foreskins over the tip, but the manufacturing process has been modified. For the King Cock range the foreskins don’t merely fold back, the slide back as a natural foreskin would. When the hood is slipped back the bulbous tip is revealed, with creased details behind the head. While this sleeve design might not behave exactly in the way a real foreskin would, the movement is much more realistic. VIEW.


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