The TENGA Flex masturbators are coming!

When TENGA starts showing off a brand new masturbator people take notice. The new TENGA Flex certainly got our attention!

TENGA Flex masturbators in Silky White and Rocky Black

Although it’s not yet available to buy anywhere, we’re expecting to see this hit the shop in the next couple of months, and we already know this toy is going to be a big hit with our customers.

Just like the wildly successful TENGA Air-Tech Twist, the new Flex masturbators retain the great sucking feature able to give you that blowjob sensation you’ve experienced with their previous toys, and the Rocky Black and Silky White both have an amazing texture individual to each.

TENGA Flex will be available in Rocky Black and Silky White

The TENGA Flex masturbators come in Rocky Black and Silky White

But, there are several new things about these toys that really impressed us.

First of all, the main surprise with the TENGA Flex is its apparent ability to slide and twist down your cock with an almost automated movement.

Yeah, you heard that right. According to what we’ve read about this new masturbator, the vacuum created within the sleeve combined with the swirling shape of the outer flexible case creates an automatic pull and twist, sending the masturbator sliding back onto your erection through sucking power alone.

The TENGA Flex uses the internal vacuum to suck you while sliding and twisting

The TENGA Flex can slide and twist in an almost automated way

We can’t wait to see this in action, but to be honest this masturbator has another ten things about it we love just as much.

The outer case is flexible, giving you the ability to apply pressure and change the sensation. The sleek design is so good, and the flexible cap that you can almost peel away from the opening is amazing.

When you take the cap off you find a long arm attached to it that fits neatly within the tunnel, this then becomes a stand you can use to put the sleeve on when you’ve washed it.

TENGA Flex masturbators come with a flexible case and a built in stand

The cap of the TENGA Flex masturbators creates a stand to assist with cleaning

Just like their other modern designs, the sleeve of the TENGA Flex can be removed easily for cleaning without it affecting the sucking mechanism or the case in any way. Then, after washing and leaving it to dry on the stand, you can slide it back in and put the toy back together for storage.

Although I have to say, it’s unlikely you’ll be leaving this masturbator in a drawer for any lengthy period of time, the textures and design of these look as though they’re gonna have you stroking it regularly.

We don’t have the TENGA Flex Rocky Black or Silky White in stock yet, but neither does the company themselves. We’re waiting on new of their arrival and we’ll be stocking up for our customers the second we can.

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