Sucking, stroking & squeezing too with the new TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators

Just when you think TENGA couldn’t possibly come up with yet another new development for their cup-style masturbators they pull something new out of their secret box of design ideas and give us the Air-Tech Twist.

TENGA Air-Tech Twist masturbators at bloketoys

You might remember when the very first TENGA cups arrived. They were good, but outside of Japan they failed to grab much attention or appreciative reviews because of their disposable style.

To be blunt, they were far too expensive to be a one-use toy. It’s extremely rare that any adult product would be successful unless it could be enjoyed more than once. That’s especially true when it comes to men who are already less likely to buy adult toys than women.

So, the TENGA company took this information on and went away for a little while, working hard in their D&D department to come up with something new.

They did it, and they did it extremely well with the release of the first Air-Tech masturbators.

Not only did they make them durable, using TPE for the inner sleeve and getting rid of the foam they’d previously relied on for their disposable toys, but through the course of their redesign, they discovered new ways to use TPE inside one of their cups to give their customer a blowjob!

Yes, the new cups they rolled out not only lasted for as long as you want them (like any traditional masturbator) but they sucked you off too.

They’re still best-selling toys with our customers, and it’s easy to see why.

How the TENGA Air-Tech masturbator works

It’s hard to see how they could make their stroking, sucking masturbators even better, but they’ve done exactly that with the release of the TENGA Air-Tech Twist.

Not only do customers get the incredible sensation of the textured tunnel to pleasure their length, and the sucking sensation created by the vacuum thanks to their excellent design skills, you can now twist the end of the cup and feel the sleeve changing shape inside!

Using the TENGA Twist masturbators

With a twist of the top of the cup the inside of the toy becomes tighter, fitting you perfectly and giving you the opportunity to customize your experience in ways you haven’t been able to before.

The cup allows you to increase the tightness using five positions, taking it from a slightly loose masturbator to a very snug experience as the sucking continues and the texture inside slides along nicely.

Never before has a product in this style delivered so much, and certainly not in this price range. When you’re talking about masturbators that suck you’re usually looking at larger and more complex sex toys, but the new Air-Tech Twist not only delivers the oral sensations of their previous toys, it adds to that with this spectacular new feature.

The TENGA Air-Tech Twist is currently available in two styles, the Tickle and the Ripple:

Air-Tech Twist Tickle and Air-Tech Twist Ripple sex toys

The new Air-Tech Twist comes with two internal sleeve options to choose from.

Now, I’ll finish this post as I started, by wondering just how they might improve on this yet again in the future to deliver more great sensations for their adoring fans around the world. I can’t see how they can top this, but I never expected this development either, so what do I know?

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