New Oxballs Cocksling 2 in CLEAR!

Okay, you guys spoke and we listened. When the black Oxballs Cocksling 2 arrived it was extremely popular (understandably) but you guys really, really wanted the clear version. It’s a good thing we’re always listening!

Clear cocksling by oxballsI think it probably goes without saying that we love the Oxballs Cocksling. When we got the first black one a couple of years ago we watched it fly off the shelves as our guys snapped them up, and we know the clear version is going to do the same.

Most of you probably know why these things are so popular, but if you’re uncertain why then keep reading.

Cock rings are great, and not just the Oxballs Cocksling. While too many guys seem to think they’re just for staying hard they’re actually more than that.

A good ring like this one can give you a thicker, longer and harder erection, and that means more pleasure to experience.

When you add a ball ring to the mix things get even better. Most men experience a more intense climax and a more impressive ejaculation when the balls are kept low, and with the added stimulation from the increase in pleasure during sex or masturbation you have the potential to be firing off a load like never before.

They’re great for fun with a partner or just for wearing during a long solo session.

Find out more about the Clear Cocksling 2 from Oxballs and get yours today.

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