Homemade Male Sex Toys

It really is remarkable how resourceful men can be, especially when it comes to sexual pleasure.

Aside from the comical tales of men becoming trapped in vacuum cleaner hoses, there are many ways a guy can create something extremely pleasurable from items just laying about the house.
Of course, the most common homemade male sex toys are sleeves to stick your dick into. The idea is pretty simple, and all you need are a few items to get started.
But before I do, you might be wondering why a sex toy retailer is advising you on how to make your own sex toys. Yes, it does seem a little odd, and some could argue that I might loose sales by writing this. But, there are some toys that no homemade male sex toy will ever be able to match.

And you still need lube, and lots of it.

Aside from that, I’m also certain that most guys who do make their own male sex toys will eventually buy one or two toys too, and I hope you’d think of us as a mate in this exploration and that you’ll come back to us.

Ultimately, there is never any possibility of your homemade sex toys sending me out of business. It’s a partnership, and that’s why I’m happy to provide this information.
So, lets start with a basic wanking sleeve as your first homemade sex toy.
What you’ll need:

  • A Small Towel
  • A condom (or two)
  • A Golf ball or other rounded object
  • Rubber bands
  • Lube

First, unroll the condom completely. Place the Golf Ball or other rounded object into the condom to the end where the teat is. While you want to avoid using anything with a harsh edge, a curved deodorant lid might work if positioned correctly.

Now fold the towel so that you have roughly a six or seven inch wide strip (you could also use a T-shirt).

Lay the condom across the folded towel and start to roll it.

You want to get a towel tube with the condom weighted or secured at one end and the opening poking out of the other.

Once you’ve done this, carefully fold the opening of the condom out and around the edge of your folded up towel tube.

You should now have a towel tube with a condom opening at one end, with the condom running through to the secure weight at the other. Wrap a couple of rubber bands around your towel to keep it all together.

You can now either use it as it is or secure the entire thing under the edge of a mattress or seat cushion. I’d suggest the latter as using it the way it is doesn’t usually hold too well. And having it secured under a mattress or seat cusion allows you to hump it hands-free.

Of course, you’ll need to use plenty of lube to slide your dick in there, but once you’re in it feels really good.

Variations on this can be made quite easily, and I’ve seen guys suggesting adding objects between the towel and the condom for added texture.

Another variation is to use a rolled up T-shirt or towel and an empty Pringles can. You can also use a surgical glove in place of a condom for a stronger inner tunnel.

You could even dispense with most of the materials needed and simply lube your dick, throw on a condom and wrap the towel around your erection before securing it under the edge of your mattress and humping away. You’ll need to make sure you have enough lube in there though.

For the more “invested” guys out there, you could go to your local art supplies shop and invest some cash in foam and this in place of a t-shirt or towel inside a Pringles can. There’s no doubt this takes more work, and personally I don’t see the point in going this far when the results are the same.

Ultimately, I would always suggest that buying a toy designed for this purpose is far more pleasurable than attempting to make one yourself, but we should all be experimenting and creating new ways to increase our sexual pleasure. So the more we explore and develop these homemade sex toys the better.

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