Bomber Jacket Review

Bomber Jacket by Nookii is described on the box as “More fun than playing with yourself”, but that’s exactly what I intend to do with this little gadget.
The packaging is really rather good for an adult product. Not the usual cheap card, not at all tatty or flimsy and there are no less-than-subtle images of a muscular young guy stroking his schlong (some would say unfortunately).

Once out of the box it is thankfully softer and more pliable than it looks in the original image. It fits snugly in the palm of the hand, has a small hole in the top, and the opening is tight enough to just fit my index finger.

Behind the card in the box is a little sachet of lube described as containing “aphrodisiac properties”, but I’ll pass on that and use my favourite lube, WET Platinum Premium Body Glide, instead.

So, I work myself up, watch a little porn, and before you know it I’m stroking and inspecting the little nubs on the inside of the Bomber Jacket.

First thing I noticed is that this thing really is very snug!

Once on my lubed rod it wanted to fly off, not that I was complaining, get it right and you can transform this reluctance into near-automation! Get it wrong and it’ll fly a foot away from you.

The nubs inside tease and tickle gently, especially going over the head, but once your helmet is out through that hole the top of this little wonder forms a tight and titillating seal behind the ridge. Twisting and turning this little toy will help you find the right angle, and once you’re there every pump and twist of your wrist will create a little tingling wave of pleasure as those little nubs on the top rub up against the back of your corona.

I had fun switching from pumping it up and down my rod to pushing it right back and letting it do its work on the bottom of my helmet.

Then it was only a matter of time before it all became far too much and I just can’t hold on to my load any longer!

So, my verdict? This pliable, bumpy and tight little toy is perfect for hitting that spot right behind the helmet, and for traditional stroking of the cock. Give it a go!

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2 comments to “Bomber Jacket Review”
  1. I have one of these and it’s quite small. Hard to keep on your cock too and it keeps wanting to jump off! It feels nice though and is a lot stretchier than it looks.

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