Add a little more sensation with the Sono No.2 Butt Plug with Cockring

It’s called the Sono No.2 Butt Plug with Cockring by Shots Toys, and it’s likely to change the way you enjoy sex once you try it for the first time.

Sono No.2 Butt Plug with CockringHave you ever been enjoying your manhood or sharing it with a friend and thought to yourself, gee, I wish I had something in my arse right about now?

No? Well, you’ve been missing out, and your life is about to change for the better thanks to this sexy gadget from Shots Toys.

It’s called the Sono No.2 Butt Plug with Cockring, but in reality, it’s more than a butt plug you’re getting with this thing.

The prostate gland is a remarkable thing. Those who know about it know what it can do (they’re the guys who are always happy, by the way) and now millions of guys around the world are experiencing it too.

The Sono No.2 Butt Plug with Cockring can help with that.

While the double ball and cock ring at the front does its thing to keep you throbbing and rigid, with your balls enjoying some much-needed attention too, the anal arm reaches back through your legs to slip into your tight little hole and give you some added sensation, and when you start to experience this you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Whether you’re giving a lover a good ride or enjoying a long stroking session, every movement of your manhood and every thrust of your hips causes the anal probe to move, slightly or more vigorously depending on you, giving you some anal probing pleasure that only causes more pleasure.

Hitting that sweet spot with just the right pressure and massaging action can do remarkable things, including giving you an incredible climax multiple times, and with multiplication of the intensity of your usual climax too. The eventual release can be a veritable volcano!

Slip on the cock ring and slip in the anal probe, experience something entirely new.

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