5 Masturbator Hiding Places

Whether you’re a young man still living at home, a student in a shared dorm or a married man with a house like Picadilly Circus, guys who are lucky enough to own masturbators face the same dilemma: where to hide it.

We asked a handful of our top customers if they would be willing to share their secret masturbator hiding spot with the rest of our lovely readers, and the responses we got were quite interesting.

Stephen in London discovered his girlfriend wasn’t a big meanie after all.

I moved in with my girlfriend last summer and decided to throw away all but one of my masturbators. I just couldn’t abandon my Fleshlight. The two random smaller sleeves I didn’t care much about, but I’d saved up for months to get my Fleshlight and I just couldn’t throw it away. I was pretty stupid about it and hid it in the back of a bottom drawer in the bedroom. Two months later she found it. I didn’t need to worry in the end, she thought it was sexy and we had a great time with me showing her how I use it! It now has a home under the bed with a growing collection of toys we both enjoy.

Mr. P in Nottingham likes to tinker in his garage.

I’ve been married for fifteen years, but only enjoyed toys for the last two years. Now that our son is out of the house most of the time I feel less concerned about my masturbator being discovered, but I still keep it in the garage. My wife is aware that when I say I’m spending the evening cleaning my tools or work on a project I’m really going in there to enjoy a good wank. My stroker occasionally finds its way out of the garage for a longer play session in the bedroom with some porn playing on the TV, but that’s only when she’s away and when our son isn’t likely to interrupt.

Adam in New York came to an understanding with his roommate

I’ve known my roommate for ten years so we don’t have many secrets. When I moved in with him for a new job in the city I kept my lube and stroker under my bed. After he caught me using it one night he asked me what it was like and he bought one too. We’ve been pretty open about it since then and now mine is just out by the side of my bed, or wherever I happen to leave it.

Anonymous in California has dorm roommate problems

I share a dorm room with a total asshole. I have two Tenga toys but I had to buy a locker to sit at the end of my bed for other stuff so I keep them in there. I don’t get to use them much because he’s always here lingering around like a bad smell. I know if he found them he would be telling everyone on our floor about it, probaly after using both of them too.

Mike in London has fun at work

I keep a masturbator in my office and have one at home too. I usually work late so I often finish up rubbing one out at work before I go home. They’re both in locked desk drawers out of sight of my partner and the cleaners at work. My partner wouldn’t have any issues with it but I just think it’s more respectful to keep my masturbation seperate from our relationship.

Do you have a secret hiding place for your masturbators? Leave a comment below.


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